Scuola Milano and Covid, the unknowns of returning to school. Headmasters in alarm, renunciations among the professors-

Scuola Milano and Covid, the unknowns of returning to school. Headmasters in alarm, renunciations among the professors-
Scuola Milano and Covid, the unknowns of returning to school. Headmasters in alarm, renunciations among the professors-

It sounds the first bell, Monday, for 1 million and 380 thousand students in Lombardy, in 1,135 state schools and 2,500 equal schools. A school year that begins, unlike the previous one, with 100 percent face-to-face lessons despite the staggered admissions. Many open fronts, between age-old issues (professorships still discovered for last minute waivers, the start of full time postponed by a few weeks, the spaces insufficient) and important news. Among all, the obligation to green pass also for parents, to be able to enter school, whether it is for interviews with teachers or for insertions in nursery schools and kindergartens. In addition, the lessons start again and the city adjusts its timetables, with shops and services that will open later to avoid crowds on public transport (which will in any case be strengthened).

The tests

It will be a year as a guardian for school administrators, who are required to verify that everyone who enters the school is equipped with green certification. Including parents: until 31 December, they too, in addition to educators and other external workers, will be able to access the institutes only if they have green pass, under penalty of a fine between 400 and one thousand euros. The checks will take place at the entrance, through the Sidi app (which, however, still did not work yesterday). The communication to the families was sent explain by the municipal education department.

But the high concern, disputes are feared. It seems that the school is used to put further pressure on the issue of vaccines, but this is a disrespectful exploitation of the purpose of the school and its function – attacks Mauro Donato Zeni, Milanese head of the national association of principals (NPC) – There is a risk of creating a discrimination between parents of Serie A and Serie B, giving as always the obligation to hurry up to the principals. Furthermore, the timing was inadmissible: the restaurateurs had two weeks to adapt to the green pass, we not even a day.

The appointments

Almost all the teachers in the classroom from the first day of school, but with the unknown waivers. The Regional Education Office announces that it has nominated 12,000 136 permanent teachers, of which 2,000 435 on support. There were 3,116 last year, including 31 on support. To these are added 29,443 alternates, 12,963 in support. Despite this acceleration, in Milan there are still between 1,500 and 2,000 chairs to be assigned, including those of mathematics. But the unknown is the renunciation. Sometimes the fault of the web platform, which assigned the same teacher in two schools on the same subject. Sometimes not.

Those who refuse should be excluded or queued at rankings, but now he doesn’t risk anything has denounced Massimiliano Sambruna, secretary of CISL Scuola Milano. At the Maxwell Institute, of the 56 professors nominated this week, 25 will not take up service, explains the principal Franco Tornaghi. At the scientific high school Einstein remain some professorships were discovered of mathematics and physics and also at Bottoni. Renunciations and parental leave also occurred at Lagrange and then at Beccaria where five of the 9 newly appointed gave up. Schools also suffer from a shortage of janitors and secretarial staff. If the didactic action not accompanied by the administrative one does not work. And a very serious problem explains the director of the Beccaria high school Simonetta Cavalieri. At the Ics Pezzani there are 8 janitors missing, at the Tenca the met. At the Boccioni art school, where only one was left, there are now 5 out of 16 and there are 4 people missing in the secretariat. Ettore Conti is also eagerly awaiting school collaborators. The USSR specifies that it has hired 2,000 147 ATA personnel and the appointments will continue in the coming days. In extremis, however, a school director found the Trilussa institute, which had not had one since 23 August. Among the other issues that some executives are faced with is the return of lots of non-compliant masks.

The chicken coop classes

In many institutions, the problem of overcrowded classrooms remains. Metropolitan city explains for having built 55 new classrooms in high schools in Milan and 42 in the province. adapting workshops and other spaces.

The people

Mandatory green pass to work at school from Monday for another 350 employees of Milano Restauration (including kitchen staff and maintenance workers) and about a thousand related workers (companies that work in contract, for example to dish out meals, do cleaning in municipal nurseries and nurseries). We have begun to warn the related companies that they were going towards the obligation already last Thursday. And I invited our employees to evaluate the words of President Mattarella. The litmus test will be on Monday, explains the president Bernardo Notarangelo.

The entrances and transport

The Pact for Milan is back into force. Seven out of ten students will enter tomorrow before 8 am, the others after 9.30. To avoid crowds on public transport, the shops will be able to open at 10.15 (except essential services), public offices after 9.30. Atm deploys 200 additional vehicles (including private buses) for 25,000 trips a day and 2,400 on the subway, as well as 120 shuttles for 32 schools. Trenord, on the other hand, offers 3,150 daily trips and twenty thousand more seats than in 2019.

Swabs and quarantines

At the start of the school, a monitoring of about 20 thousand students per month, with salivary tests promoted by the Lombardy Region. As for tampons, two will remain free per month for the 6-11 year old age group. On the other hand, 656 Lombard pharmacies have signed up to the convention for price-controlled tampons up to the age of 18. Instead, the rules of quarantines change: for vaccinated students it lasts only 7 days, the others will have to respect an isolation of 10-14 days.

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