Supersalone, a bet won with complete success: over 60 thousand admissions

Supersalone, a bet won with complete success: over 60 thousand admissions
Supersalone, a bet won with complete success: over 60 thousand admissions

Beyond 60 thousand attendees at the special event of the Salone del Mobile.Milano which – also supported by the words of President Mattarella who underlined the courage and quality with which the event was launched – exceeds all expectations in terms of turnout and sanctions the relaunch of the city, of an entire system and of the country. But it also makes you fly for the sixtieth edition of the review that will be staged from 5 to 10 April 2022. “Supersalone”, the special 2021 event of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, inaugurated by an “unscheduled” speech by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, ended with a very positive result thanks to the attractiveness and great involvement of an unprecedented and transversal format in which companies have strongly believed. All with the guarantee of maximum safety for operators and visitors who, thanks to the Green Pass control system and the hubs for the tampons at the entrances, were able to work and visit the event without risk.

425 were the exhibiting brands, of which 16% from abroad plus 170 young students from 22 countries and 39 independent designers. In terms of visitor turnout, the attendance was over 60 thousand, in six days from 113 countries. More than half were sector operators and buyers (47% from abroad). Almost 1,800 accredited journalists from all over the world. Also decisive was the role of the new digital platform of the Salone del Mobile.Milano which, in the days of the “supersalone”, amplified the event, activating a new approach and an unprecedented enjoyment both for visitors present at the fair and for users in remote. Companies and products were told, the floor was given to the many people present, information was ensured and direct contacts multiplied. The data collected up to Thursday 9 September photograph a dynamic and growing community, 50% divided between Italian and international accesses, which has responded to all the proposed initiatives. Over 22 thousand QR code scans through the new app. The Web has relied on 1.5 million page views with an average of 90 thousand daily users. The new TikTok account of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, with 19 videos uploaded in the first 5 days of “supersalone”, had more than 630,000 total views, while 2,000 streams for the first three episodes of the Super! Podcast are 2,000. immediately entered the Apple Podcast Top 100 Italy. Social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) recorded 15 million impressions, 25 thousand interactions and 50 thousand video views. Numbers that reinforce the desire to use every digital channel to continue spreading the active voice of the Salone del Mobile.Milano 365 days a year.

“We close this edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano with great satisfaction and a lot of emotion. It was important to take a first but decisive step, to be there and to give a signal to the whole country. We have succeeded. Thanks to everyone’s work: the companies that got involved, the curator Stefano Boeri and the whole team of co-curators, but also the organizers, the fitters, the designers and the operators of culture and communication who, together, believed in this event. Special thanks to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who made us feel the closeness of the institutions. Choosing to give life to this “supersalone” implied a good dose of courage and an important assumption of responsibility towards the whole system and the entire supply chain that needed a physical and concrete opportunity, not only symbolic and digital , to push on the accelerator of a restart that – we have seen this week – is already a reality. But also to all visitors, to whom we had to guarantee the best conditions in terms of safety ”, he comments Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano. “We have invested and reasoned by focusing on quality, sustainability and the digital dimension and the result is that everyone has perceived our enthusiasm, our ability to create a system and to go beyond business to offer, once again, albeit in different form, a global experience, in which what counts were innovation, commitment and cohesion. We were a fuse that triggered a chain reaction that involved the entire international design community, the city of Milan and the entire sector. Now we look to the future, with renewed awareness of the value and history of this collective heritage and with the desire to welcome new challenges by immediately working on the sixtieth edition of the Salone del Mobile which will be held from 5 to 10 April 2022 ”, concludes Porro.

“Not even four months ago the confirmation of the 59th edition, then the appointment of the architect Stefano Boeri and today the final numbers beyond the expectations that decree the success of the supersalone. Three steps that summarize the history of an event that has for us the flavor of the challenge won, the result of the courage and desire to get involved of our entrepreneurs, eager to show the creations of the last 18 months to the whole world, seizing the great opportunity to compete with precious experimentation. A supersalone in name and in fact that has been able to combine design, sustainability, quality, research, innovation, culture and food in an innovative formula set in the exceptional nature of the moment. In a word, the flagships of the entrepreneurial fabric of our country which, thanks to the supersalone, ‘played’ in unison, demonstrating the ability of all the public and private subjects involved to create a system. From the Rho Fiera pavilions, our supply chain has been able to confirm its leadership in the sector by attracting national and foreign buyers, professionals and non-professionals, gaining important spaces both in the national and international press. But, above all, I think the wood-furniture entrepreneurs, present with 425 brands, should be recognized for having done much more, taking on the responsibility of giving the whole country a flag, a container, I would say a house. And who, better than the design community, could have imagined it, rethinking spaces in a different formula, inventing a successful format in a few months? Our companies have never lost the desire to innovate and having successfully organized the supersalone was a tangible way of telling the world that Italy is really back to racing. I want to thank everyone for believing in us working in August as well and for putting their skills and time at the service of a higher purpose: I always thought that doing the supersalone was the right choice, to have it confirmed today, after six intense days, it is the best satisfaction that repays us for every effort and that propels us with energy and enthusiasm towards the April 2022 edition “, underlines Claudio Feltrin, president of FederlegnoArredo.Public success for The Lost Graduation Show, which also received critical acclaim from the many designers and architects who visited it, and for the very rich public program with more than 40 distinguished voices (including architects, innovators, visionaries, entrepreneurs, artists and politicians) who sold out many talks, a sign that the desire to re-meet and discuss the fundamental themes of the project and its social and environmental value is more alive than never. Long lines also at the four Food Courts of Identità Golose, areas dedicated to the gourmet break signed by the great names of Italian cuisine.

(source Radio Lombardia)

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