Pensions, a Fund to exceed Quota 100 (to leave work 4 years early)

Pensions, a Fund to exceed Quota 100 (to leave work 4 years early)
Pensions, a Fund to exceed Quota 100 (to leave work 4 years early)

In the long autumn that will lead to the final approval of the Stability Law in December, the chapter pensions it will be one of the most complex. Both for political and technical reasons. It expires at the end of the year Quota 100, early retirement with 62 years of age and 38 of contribution. From January 1st, if there are no corrections, it will revert to Fornero law. It means that no one will be able to leave their jobs before the age of 67. In short, a new staircase is upon us. But the government, after the hesitation of the past months, is preparing a series of interventions. The commitment not to renew Quota 100 was made with the European Commission within the negotiations for the Pnrr, the Recovery plan.

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Gli step

For this reason both the technicians of the Treasury and those of Palazzo Chigi had seriously considered a soft intervention. In practice, a stabilization until 2026 of the social Ape, the allowance paid by INPS monthly for 12 months which can be accessed at the age of 63, and having accrued 30 or 36 years of contributions depending on the categories.

The unemployed who have exhausted the other benefits, or disabled workers or those who assist disabled relatives or still belonging to 15 particular categories can access: from construction workers to nurses to cleaners. In addition to stabilizing the social Ape, in the intentions of the executive, it would also be expanded on the basis of three indicators: the frequency of accidents at work for each category; the severity of the injuries; and the severity of occupational diseases.

On the basis of these indicators, moreover, it would have been decided to lower the contributions necessary for the category of construction workers to access the Ape from 36 to 30 years. But the Ape is only one piece of a more complex puzzle. The second measure on the table is that of setting up a national early retirement fund. The project has already been outlined by the League, and in particular by the former undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, as well as the father of Quota 100, Claudio Durigon. Sources from the Treasury confirm that this is a concrete working hypothesis.
How would this fund work? First, it would be a temporary measure. It would remain in force only from 2022 to 2024. The fund would provide a benefit equal to the pension calculated with the same criteria as Quota 100, until the worker accrues the necessary requisites to be paid by INPS. How old and with how many contributions can you get out? This is obviously a subject for discussion. The League’s proposal is to replicate the parameters of Quota 100, 62 years and 38 of contributions. But the thresholds both on the part of the age and the contribution age could be high to reach 101 or 102. However, in the case of a worker with 62 years and 38 of contributions, the benefit paid by the State would last 4 years and 10 months and 3 years and 10 months for women. It is also necessary to understand what the possible limits will be, if they will be rules valid for everyone or if, if anything, for the workers of companies in crisis or those involved in restructuring for the ecological and digital transition.

The third leg

The third leg of the plan should concern the Woman option, i.e. the possibility for female workers to leave their jobs with a contribution seniority equal to or greater than 35 years and an age equal to or greater than 58 years (for employees) and 59 years old. (for autonomous). This, however, provided that we accept a recalculation with the contributory system of the pension allowance with penalties that can even reach over 20 percent.
But the issue is political as well as technical. In fact, the pension dossier also intersects with two other measures considered delicate: the citizenship income and the social safety nets. Quota 100 is the flag of the League, and yesterday Matteo Salvini said he was ready at the “barricades” to defend the measure. The Income is the Cinquestelle flag, while the Democratic Party is focusing mainly on the shock absorbers. Yesterday, the minister of labor Andrea Orlando, speaking at a Cna event in La Spezia, explained that for the after quota 100 “a not insignificant variable is the availability that we will have with the budget law and that is a verification that must be done with my colleague of the Mef ».


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