the list of working games is growing

the list of working games is growing
the list of working games is growing

Several keep trying, but only the developers of Spine are taking big steps forward: PlayStation 4 emulator for Linux has just reached a new milestone, dramatically increasing the list of compatible games

Announced in April 2019, Spine has just arrived at its 20210901 version, dated 1 September 2021. It is, on balance, the first and only stable emulator of games for PlayStation 4, succeeding where other projects such as Orbtal and GPCS4 have failed. The last iteration brought the list of working games to 350, in other words 35% of the approximately one thousand titles tested so far. There are mostly indie games or resource-less 2D productions in the pile, but it’s still an impressive and one-of-a-kind achievement. 40% of the games tested start and run until the intro, while the remaining 25% fail to even start.

The Spine developers chose to keep their Closed Source project for the time being, to avoid the emergence of new forks that would risk diluting the efforts too much. On GitHub, therefore, it is possible to find only a part of the code. We will continue to follow the development of Spine, but we would like to specify that with this news the editorial staff of Everyeye does not intend in any way to encourage piracy, a practice that strongly condemns in all its forms, but only update you on the great strides made in emulation and reverse engineering.


list working games growing

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