Twenty years after the attacks, Milan remembers 11 September

Twenty years after the attacks, Milan remembers 11 September
Twenty years after the attacks, Milan remembers 11 September

Twenty years after the attacks, Milan remembers 11 September. “Milan is memory, because keeping alive the memory of past tragedies is essential to counteract evil,” said Mayor Giuseppe Sala at the commemoration ceremony on 11 September, inaugurated in 2010.

“Today – underlined the mayor – remembering is even more necessary for our city, which will never forget the infinite pain it felt 20 years ago”. At the commemoration ceremony, which was attended among others by the prefect Renato Saccone and the consul general of the United States in Milan Robert Needham, a shred of the Towers was also exhibited, donated as a thank you to the President of the Municipal Council Giovanni Marra on the occasion of the delivery of the Ambrogino to the memory of the Italian-American firefighters who disappeared in 2002.

“Milan, Gold Medal of the Resistance and guardian of the partisan struggle, reaffirms today its deepest solidarity and closeness to the United States of America. On 11 September 2001 we were all Americans, and after 20 years we still are. more, because New York City and America are the engine of a free, democratic and open world, “Sala said, underlining that” the spirit in which New York and the US rose after the horror of 9/11 they are a powerful inspiration now that our cities, our countries face another epochal challenge, post covid reconstruction “.

“Today we remember the more than 2,900 victims, of which 372 came from over 90 countries. Ten of those victims were Italians,” said the American consul in Milan Needham, underlining how today’s ceremony is “proof of long-standing friendship. between Italy and the US and also the warning to continue to promote civil freedom and democratic principles together “.

Even the candidate for mayor of the center-right in Milan, Luca Bernardo, on the sidelines of the presentation of his civic list in the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, said: “Today we are all Americans”. “I want to express closeness, solidarity to the Americans and to President Biden for what happened, which changed the world”, underlined Bernardo, recounting that he lived closely on 11 September 2011, since “after I had gone away from New York, I was working in Miami and saw Americans hit deep in the soul. “

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