Vaccini, Von der Leyen: “Let’s focus on those in mRna”. Agreement between the EU and Pfizer: 50 million doses in advance starting in April

The European Commission reached an agreement with Pfizer to accelerate the procurement of vaccines, with 50 million doses delivered early in the second quarter, which will be distributed to EU states starting from April. The president said so Ursula von der Leyen, also announcing what is in fact a definitive change of direction in purchases: “We will have to develop vaccines adapted to new variants, quickly and in sufficient quantities. With this in mind, we must focus on technologies that have proven their worth: vaccines a Rna messenger (come Pfizer e Modern, ed) are a clear case “. In fact, a goodbye to viral vector compounds like AstraZeneca e Johnson&Johnson, not so much and not only for the doubts related to safety, but for the many delays in deliveries. Von der Leyen, in fact, wanted to thank BioNTech / Pfizer who “has proved to be a reliable partner, delivered according to commitments, responds to our needs“.

The “good news” is that “the vaccinations accelerate“, The Member States“ received 126 million doses as of yesterday. I am happy to announce that today we have reached 100 million vaccines administered, a milestone to be proud of. Of these 100 million, more than a quarter are second doses“Said von der Leyen. Which then announced the deal with Pfizer for to accelerate vaccine delivery: 50 million doses that “were originally planned for fourth quarter 2021, will now be available in the second“, Or between April and the end of June. “This brings Pfizer-BioNTech’s total deliveries to 250 million doses in the second quarter. These doses will be distributed pro quota in relation to the population, to all Member States ”, confirmed von der Leyen. L’Italy expected to receive approx 24 million Pfizer doses by June, which at this point should instead exceed quota 30 million.

“We are now negotiating with Pfizer for a third contract“For the supply of vaccines which” provides for the delivery of 1.8 billion doses In the period from 2021 to 2023“, Then announced the president of the Commission, specifying that the agreement“ will mean that not only the production vaccines, but also that of essential components, are based inEuropean Union“. The confirmation that Europe will focus on vaccines developed with messenger RNA technology: currently there are two approved by the EMA, Pfizer and Moderna, but by June the authorization could also arrive for the compound of Curevac, in turn an mRna vaccine.

“In the medium term, it is clear that for defeat the virus we will have to be prepared for the fact that at some point we may need to recalls to strengthen and prolong immunity. If one will show up variant, we will need to develop vaccines suitable to it and quantity timely and sufficient ”, remarked von der Leyen. Hence his invitation to focus on vaccines that for now have not created problems from a safety point of view, but indirectly also on those companies that, after the initial stumbling blocks, have so far respected the commitments agreed with Brussels. ”This – concluded von der Leyen – goes to immediate benefit of EU citizens “.

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