Escaped from the Twin Towers: “Roma saved my life”

Escaped from the Twin Towers: “Roma saved my life”
Escaped from the Twin Towers: “Roma saved my life”

“If it hadn’t been for the magical Rome I would surely have died”. Anthony Zomparelli tells the official channels of the Giallorossi club about his incredible experience regarding the attack on the Twin Towers, twenty years later. “I was working on the 100th floor of the North Tower – says Zomparelli – number one. The first plane to hit the tower it hit the very corner where I was sitting. If it wasn’t for God, for destiny, for the fact that my father was a fan and, obviously for the magical Rome, I would have died without a doubt. I am a first generation Italian American, I am Romanist from birth thanks to my father. He’s the one who transferred my passion to me and I have photos at five with the Roma tracksuit. I consider myself a passionate Roma fan, despite being in America I follow Roma every week. ESPN would broadcast Roma-Real Madrid and for me it would have been the first time I could have seen Roma on an American broadcaster. The match was at 2pm. I couldn’t help but stay home and watch it, I couldn’t miss it! My mother yelled at me and told me I had to go to work. But I told her that it was for Roma that I would not go that day and that is the reason why I stayed at home. That dream day immediately turned into a nightmare. “

Romanist thanks to his father, faced with a trauma that is however difficult to metabolize: “After the tragedy my father, especially at the beginning, looked at me as if I were not there, as if I were a ghost. And I said to him ‘what’s going on? ‘, but I understood what he was thinking, and he would answer me and if I had been a Juventus or AC Milan fan? You wouldn’t have been here. And I told him ‘it’s true’. It was destiny for me to be a Roma fan, it was destiny for me putting Roma above work. But I will never get over it because there is also a sense of guilt. I then got to know many of the families in the years to come. And I’ve always been very honest with them, saying ‘I’m sorry I’m here while your daughter or daughter isn’t’ “

In addition to that of 11 September 2001, Zomparelli recounted another episode that binds him to the Giallorossi: “In the summer of 2002, Roma came, for the first time in my memory, on a tour in the United States to play a friendly match. against Real Madrid. And I couldn’t miss an opportunity like that. There was a friend of my father’s who, I don’t know why, whenever the famous Serie A footballers came to the US, was called to chauffeur them in the week or two they were going to spend in the city. And on that occasion he had brought the Roma players who were there for the match with Real Madrid. And he told me that they had asked to go to Ground Zero, to the World Trade Center. He told some of the players, I think Batistuta and Tommasi, my story. And they told him they wanted to meet me. It was a fantastic experience for me to meet Capello, Samuel, Batistuta, Tommasi. It was amazing. When you receive a gift like mine, to still be alive, you have to take it, enjoy it and keep looking forward. Go Rome”.


Escaped Twin Towers Roma saved life

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