Supervivientes: Marines without restraints, between jellyfish and food poisoning

Valeria Marini, the return on TV to the Island of the Famous: a life of successes and loves

Valeria Marini, real earthquake a Survivors, l’Famous Spanish Island transmitted by Telecinco. The showgirl, a veteran of reality shows in Italy (she participated in Isole, Grandi Fratelli, Temptation Island) decided to try his hand also in a foreign land, participating as a shipwreck in the new edition of the Island in Iberian sauce. In the company of another compatriot: Gianmarco Onestini, Luca’s brother, former GF Vip. With which, among other things, there was talk of a flirting in progress.

The fact is that since she left Valeria has combined one after the other, between jellyfish attacks and food poisoning,. To tell it is Telecinco who took stock of the latest incredible events that have taken place in these hours on the Spanish island.

As reported by various tabloids, including Italian ones, the intoxication would be the result of a bad decision by Valeria Marini, supported by the group, who at the end of the reward test decided to choose some raw eggs, even in the absence of the fire to be able to cook them. Bad decision, given that the aforementioned eggs, ingested raw by Valeria, caused them severe stomach problems. It seems that other castaways also followed his fate, so much so that the group then decided to throw the remaining eggs. Could it have been Valeriona’s strategy to make natural selection?

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