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Milan, the restyling of piazzale Bacone has been completed

Milan, the restyling of piazzale Bacone has been completed
Milan, the restyling of piazzale Bacone has been completed

MILAN (ITALPRESS) – Party of colors in piazzale Bacone for the conclusion of the redevelopment works and the signing of the collaboration agreement on the care of the area. The signature arrived today after the finishing touches to the coloring of the pedestrianized areas by the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The Non Riservato associations, I Baconiani, the Parents Committee “Santa Caterina”, WinWin Office and Hypnos Architectural design studio signed the agreement entitled “Free Steps in Piazzale Bacone” with the municipal administration. Together, they will take care of taking care of, animating and revitalizing the new square by proposing, among other things, picnics, theatrical readings, games in the public space and proposals for cinema and open-air theater. The Pact comes as part of the tactical urban planning intervention of the “Piazze Aperte” project, designed to improve road safety at the entrance of children to school, as done in Piazza Sicilia, via Venini, viale Molise and via Toce . In particular, the intervention led to the expansion of sidewalks, crossings and pedestrian spaces, the speed limitation to 30Km / h, the establishment of the one-way street in via Spontini, the reorganization of the car park, the cycle lanes and the installation of urban furniture elements, including 14 benches, a ping-pong table, three picnic tables, eight bike racks and 24 potted plants. The finishing touches, with the coloring of the flooring, are underway this weekend at the hands of the inhabitants of the area. With that of piazzale Bacone, there are almost ninety collaboration agreements that have made it possible to develop projects and share responsibilities in the administration of common assets in all the districts of Milan, especially in the areas of urban care and regeneration, open squares, cleaning from vandalism and graffiti, the creation of shared gardens, social activities, the enhancement of open data and spiritual assistance. Good practices, made possible by the synergy between the various departments involved in the Pacts with the realities present in the area that have been going on since, in 2018, the municipal administration drew up the guidelines for the experimentation then landed, a year later, in the ” Regulation on the discipline of the participation of active citizens in the care, shared management and regeneration of urban commons “. (ITALPRESS). fsc / com 11-Sep-21 16:40


Milan restyling piazzale Bacone completed

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