Green pass: the people of “no” are back, demonstrations in different cities – Chronicle

Green pass: the people of “no” are back, demonstrations in different cities – Chronicle
Green pass: the people of “no” are back, demonstrations in different cities – Chronicle

The people of the “no vax” and the no to the Green pass are back in the streets throughout Italy. There are about 120 cities in which demonstrations have been held for the afternoon of Saturday 11 September. Also in this case, the “word of mouth” took place through social networks and Telegram, the messaging service where many channels of the anti-vax galaxy are active, which have also come to the attention of some prosecutors. In the “Basta dictatorship” group, which has over 42,000 contacts, there is a list of squares where sit-ins are scheduled, including Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Genoa, Naples and Palermo. “Every Saturday to the bitter end – it is said in the chat – until the dictatorship is destroyed”. Demonstrations “without any party behind” and organized “by the people”, is stated in the Telegram channel.

ROMA – The Popolo no vax demonstration was held in Piazza del Popolo. According to what is learned from police sources, about 400 people have joined the initiative. A group of about thirty members of Forza Nuova also took to the streets.

MILANO – The no green passes from Piazza Duomo have moved in procession towards Piazza della Scala. ‘No green pass’ and’ Umani non sorci ‘are two of the banners that opened the parade, with slogans such as’ We are the people’, ‘Hands off the children’ and ‘Draghi fuck you’, but also ‘Milan is not fold ‘and’ Free the university ‘. “These are the civilized people who take to the streets to defend constitutional rights” they explain, inviting a new demonstration next Saturday in Piazza Duomo “with two presidents of the Supreme Court”. The demonstrators also chanted slogans against the mayor Giuseppe Sala passing in front of Palazzo Marino. “Milan does not fold”, “Vaccino = state crime” are some of the signs displayed in the city center, with chants such as “We are the sovereign people”, “Resistenza Resistenza” and others. The procession, with about five thousand participants, was then transformed into a sit-in ‘in fits and starts’. Arriving at the ramparts of Porta Venezia, the participants (at least those in the front rows of the very long snake) sat down while at the megaphone there were those who explained: “This battle we are fighting for freedom acquires more and more significance. Out in the city there are many others, and we await them “. The procession then resumed towards Corso Buenos Aires where it stopped again after a few hundred meters. “They want to boycott us and we block Milan” they said against what they call the ‘no green nazi pass’. Divert some bus and tram lines. In the slogans insults also to Mattarella and Speranza and stadium rhythms such as ‘Who does not jump, gets vaccinated’.

TORINO – Tension at the ‘No green pass’ parade through the streets of the center of Turin. Instead of moving towards via Po, the demonstrators – about a thousand – turned into via Accademia delle Scienze, where some kicks and shoves flew to the address of the police present, who could not prevent the march from entering the street , now stopped at the entrance to piazza Carlo Alberto. “Freedom freedom” is one of the slogans of the demonstrators.

AOSTA – Less than 25 people took part in the no Green pass procession which started just before 7pm from Piazza Chanoux. As in the rest of Italy, the demonstrations have been repeated since July: the first appointment saw 500 people participate in the regional capital and the parades were less and less attended from week to week, passing from 300 people, 200 and finally to the hundred. last appointments.

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