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Venice: Passed and rejected from the 2021 Film Festival – Cinema

Venice: Passed and rejected from the 2021 Film Festival – Cinema
Venice: Passed and rejected from the 2021 Film Festival – Cinema

Beyond the Golden Lion and the verdicts of the jury chaired by Bong Jooh-ho, what remains of this Venezia 78, who are the promoted and rejected?
10 at the CINEMA – Vital as never before, ready to overflow in all forms. Never before have so many good films been seen like this year, all deserving, a creativity without latitudes that really heartens, in particular even Italian cinema has shown itself to be healthy at the Venice Film Festival. There are very few disappointments, when in general the opposite is easier. Almost all films have a streaming distribution even before they are in theaters and very often the production also comes from platforms: Venezia 78 has shown that what seemed like a boom in the pandemic, that is, living room viewing at home, had earlier roots and that the lockdown only accelerated everything. The festival has been a showcase for cinema in general, highlighting once more what is necessary, but how where when to see it is really an unsolved problem, to read the takings really at a glance of these weeks. The cinema is alive but returning to the theater is THE problem.
10 to the STARS – From Bennifer in love at the end (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez) to the many young talents at the first experiences there was a traffic jam on the red carpet with an incredible A list: Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Kristen Stewart, Timotee Chalamet , Zendaya, Matt Damon, Olivia Colman and many others. Photographers in seventh heaven, stylists as well.
10 at METEO – The Venice Film Festival has always marked the beginning of autumn in the sense that in the two weeks a deluge, a hailstorm, a whirlwind, an uncovering of the roofs, a flooding of the theater are there. This year the sun is always bright and the climate is temperate (except in the room where we are below zero), global warming has also arrived at the Lido.
8 or 4 at BOXOL (depending on the badge) – The reservation system for entry into the hall after the first few days has been blocked has worked on average. With the nightmare of being put on the blacklist of those who book but do not go – the third you do you are out – everything then marched. Boxol or similar will apparently be one of the legacies of the pandemic and the other festivals will also follow in the footsteps of Venice (as Cannes has already done this year). This applies to red pass holders, i.e. the daily badge for accredited journalists, all the others sweated seven shirts to find a place in the room
8 to the COVID REPORT – Venice beats Cannes also on the virus front: 70 positives were identified on the Croisette, only 2 on the Lido.
4 at FOOD & BEVERAGE AND HOTELLERIE – Decades pass but nothing moves: Lido restaurateurs and hoteliers ready to take advantage of the accredited, sandwiches at 7 euros and so on, one-star guesthouse rooms rated as a luxury hotel. The people of the festival have adapted: they cook at home (white pasta with canned tuna is a trend) and prefer private homes to the hotel (with situations of crowding and promiscuity, but you have to save money). (HANDLE).


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Venice Passed rejected Film Festival Cinema

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