Dazn: Serie A and Champions at half price with Tim

Dazn: Serie A and Champions at half price with Tim
Dazn: Serie A and Champions at half price with Tim

The third day of Serie A is almost upon us, and to follow it, as we all know, it will be necessary to have a subscription to Dazn. Three matches of the top flight will be broadcast in co-exclusive with Dazn also from Sky football. Let’s find out the program and how to save to watch Serie A, Champions League and more in one package.

National break ended and Serie A fever higher and higher for millions of fans. After some problems with the network for several thousand users during the first two days of the championship, there are still many fans who have not signed up for any subscription to be able to watch Serie A.

There are those who wonder if it is worth paying more 29 euro for a service that may have seemed unstable during some matches of the first few days, but the answer is that there are many users who have not complained about any service.

If you are wondering if it is possible to save for the Dazn subscription, I refer you to this link; while I advise you to continue reading to discover all the various possibilities if, in addition to Serie A, you are also interested in the Uefa Champions League.

Dazn: how to watch Serie A and Champions League at half price with Tim Vision

Let’s start first by clarifying that type of offer owns the mobile phone giant, Tim.

Tim, via the Tim Vision app, squeezed one collaboration with both Dazn and Mediaset. With the first, she ensured the transmission of the whole Italian Serie A of calcium, with the second the transmission of Uefa Champions League, the most important European (and world) club competition.

This makes Tim the holder of the most complete football package of all for the 2021-2022 season.

But now let’s talk about prices.

The subscription to Tim Vision costs 29.99 euros per month, but be careful, for those who subscribe by tomorrow 12 September, the subscription will be priced at 19.99 euros until 2022.

But now let’s see how to save for the subscription. Just like Dazn, the app allows you to watch content via two devices at the same time and you can then share the shopping with a friend or family member.

The exclusive offer from Dazn

How is the offer of dazn for the 2021 – 2022 season? First of all, the highlight of the well-known streaming application is certainly the Serie A Tim. You know, the Italians love nothing more than football and their favorite team, and to follow it they would be willing to give up anything.

It was a truly massive investment that Dazn put in place to be able to secure the TV rights of the Italian league of calcium: let’s talk about € 2.5 billion.

dazn thus obtained the rights to broadcast all ten Serie A football matches, seven of which are absolutely exclusive and three are co-exclusive with Sky. Unlike what happened until last season, where, with parts reversed, dazn had the exclusive right to broadcast three matches of the day.

Sky will therefore broadcast three games (co-exclusive) per weekend: the match at 20:45 on Saturday, that of 12:30 on Sunday and the match at 20:45 on Monday’s postponement.

But the incredible offer of dazn it does not stop only at the top Italian football championship. In fact, those who sign up for a subscription with the well-known video streaming app will also be able to enjoy the games of the Uefa Europa League and Uefa’s fledgling competition: the Conference League; in which Josè Mourinho’s AS Roma will participate.

Also, thanks to collaboration between Dazn and Tim Vision, which in turn has entered into a partnership with Mediaset to be able to broadcast Mediaset Infinity, fans will be able to enjoy a rich football dish consisting of Serie A, Uefa Champion League and Europa League in a single package.

The only exception will be the 16 matches broadcast from Amazon Prime Video, for which you will necessarily have to subscribe to another subscription. In addition, the best matches of the Italian teams on Tuesday will be visible in the clear on Canale Cinque.

Tim Vision: not only Dazn, also Netflix and Disney +

Not only Serie A and Champions League on Tim Vision. Thanks to Dazn’s offer, in fact, Tim Vision will be able to offer its subscribers – in addition to Serie A – the BKT Series, the Uefa Europa League, the Conference League, the Spanish La Liga, the whole World Championship with MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, the South American Cup, the Fa Cup, the Libertadores Cup and the NFL.

This is as far as sport is concerned, but the offers that Tim offers to his customers are different.

To the football and sports package, there is the possibility to add the contents of Disney + at 24.99 euros (for four months) if activated by 12 September, then available at 34.99 euros.

If you want to add instead to the football and sport package Netflix, the price to be paid will be 29.99 euros for 4 months, this always for those who subscribe by tomorrow 12 September, then the subscription price will rise to 39.99 euros.

For those who are unable to miss anything, there is the possibility of a subscription Tim Vision Gold: football and sports and subscriptions from Netflix and Disney +. 34.99 euros (for four months) will be the price to pay for those who subscribe by tomorrow 12 September, then 44.99 will be the standard price.

Dazn: the program of the third day of Serie A

After the break for the national teams, Serie A football finally resumes, to the delight of the millions of Italian fantasy coaches who participate in fantasy football, a game that is increasingly fashionable in the Bel Paese.

But let’s find out how it will come structured the third day of the Serie A League e what will be the matches that will also be broadcast on Sky football.

We start with theadvance of 15 today, Saturday 11 September. They will be challenged Empoli and Venice. At 18 it will be the turn of the big match between Naples and Juventus, followed at 8.45pm from Atalanta – Fiorentinto. This is for the Saturday program.

At 12:30 tomorrow, Sunday 12 September, the Italian champions ofInter will challenge the Sampdoria in Marassi. Three will be the matches of 15: Cagliari – Genoa, Spezia – Udinese and Turin Salernitana.

It will then continue at 18 with Milan – Lazio; will close on Sunday Rome – Sassuolo at 8.45pm.

The third day will close, with the postponement of Monday Bologna – Verona at 20:45.

As for Sky football, these will be the matches broadcast in co-exclusive with Dazn:

  • Atalanta – Fiorentina, Saturday at 8.45pm;
  • Sampdoria – Inter, Sunday at 12:30;
  • Bologna – Verona, Monday at 8.45pm.

Dazn, Napoli-Juve and Milan-Lazio: the litmus test

After the troubles of the first two days of the championship, with the various problems complained of by customers, Dazn has boosted their network. This especially in view of the two big matches scheduled on this third day of Serie A tim: Napoli – Juventus and Milan – Lazio.

These two games will inevitably lead millions of people to connect at the same time, the first this afternoon at 6 pm, and the second at the same time tomorrow, Sunday 12 September.

In this way, the support servers installed at the main telco signal repeaters have been strengthened, and so Dazn believes that it can support all the connections provided for the two games without having to reduce the video transmission quality, in line with the indications. by Agcom.

To learn more, here is a YouTube video of the telecommunications engineer, Stefano Bolis:

Meanwhile, the main national newspapers report the opening of an investigation by Agcom (Authority for guarantees in communications) on listen and the quality of the service offered by Dazn.

As reported by the economic and financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”:

On Wednesday 14 September, an audition by Giacomo Sorella is scheduled at 2.00 pm (Agcom chairman) in the transport committee, for the investigation opened against the video streaming and on demand platform Dazn.

This, as reported by Milanofinanza.it, to shed light on the division of the TV rights of the Lotti decree dating back to 2018.

Still on the “Sun”, as regards the investigation, Agcom will recall Dazn according to these four fundamental points:

  • the different audience data provided by Dazn compared to Auditel;
  • the metrics used to trace and know the number of users who use the website;
  • clarify why the data is not public;
  • why there is no third party certifier that validates the data but are certified by Nielsen.

All this in a weekend which, as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, is of fundamental importance for Dazn, given the presence of the two big matches within the program of the third day. In fact, millions of users will connect to the application at the same time to watch Naples – Juventus first (Saturday 6 pm) and Milan – Lazio then (Sunday 6 pm).

In the meantime, dazn has not released any official communication, even if in recent weeks a strong strengthening of the network had been guaranteed, precisely in view of the third day of Serie A, after the turmoil that had been created after the first two days of the top flight of football Italian.

Furthermore, we are waiting to see how the Champions League match between Inter and Real Madrid will be managed by Amazon Prime Video, after the great success of the broadcast of the European Super Cup.

We recall that the giant Amazon, for the next three seasons, has obtained the exclusive broadcast of sixteen big matches of the Uefa Champions League, with an offer that we believe will be only the beginning before the start of a great technological revolution and a Amazon’s increasingly straight-legged entry into the world of football and sport in general.

We also remind you that 121 out of 137 scheduled matches of the Uefa Champions League will be visible on Sky football. It will therefore be possible to complete the offer with the subscription to Amazon Prime.

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