the minister Cartabia sends the inspectors

the minister Cartabia sends the inspectors
the minister Cartabia sends the inspectors

The young woman who, on the night between 30 and 31 August, gave birth in the Rebibbia prison in Rome had requested “revocation or replacement of the precautionary measure”. An episode already stigmatized, on Friday 10 September, by the head of the prison administration department, Bernardo Petralia, and which triggered numerous controversies and the intervention of the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, who sent the inspectors to the prison.

The reconstruction

According to what has been reconstructed, the 23-year-old woman has been in an institution since June 23 for theft, and on August 1, she had requested the revocation of the precautionary measure. «On 7 August the Judicial Authority reserved the right to decide pending a report from the health department of the institute on the inmate’s health conditions – explains Bernardo Petralia – a request that was requested again on 9 August. The following day, 10 August, the Health Area sent the report which was not followed by any other provision of the Judicial Authority. On 18 August the inmate was sent to the hospital for urgent checks, from which she returned to the institute on the same day ». Until the end of August, the inmate was in her room in the infirmary ward of the prison, assisted by the doctor and the nurse on duty. When the first pains appeared and the urgency of hospitalization was ascertained, the doctor would have gone away to contact the hospital and request the immediate intervention of an ambulance. Just at that juncture the inmate would have given birth. “The DAP is taking action to reduce the number of inmates-mothers in prison – concludes the head of the penitentiary administration department, Bernardo Petralia – As already anticipated by the Minister Cartabia, the Department is also working with the Pope John XXIII Community to to be able to obtain for them a different and better accommodation outside the penitentiary structures ”. And Mauro Palma, national guarantor of detainees and people deprived of personal freedom, underlines the responsibility of “everyone”: “As institutions, because a person cannot be born in situations of detention, it is a shame”.

Political reactions

There were also numerous political reactions condemning what happened. «Too many times the machinery of justice does not treat those in front of him as citizens in flesh and blood, but as numbers in a bureaucratic and inhuman approach. What happened to Rebibbia is the demonstration of this mechanical approach. Minister Cartabia did well to give a clear signal of non-compliance », declared Enrico Costa, deputy of Action. Monica Cirinnà, head of the rights of the Democratic Party, adds to the dose: “That in 2021 a woman finds herself giving birth alone in a cell is simply unacceptable.”

The report of the Ministry of Justice

Currently, as indicated in a report by the Ministry of Justice, there are 22 inmates-mothers in the nursery sections of prisons and in low-maintenance institutions specifically equipped for the reception of mothers with children (ICAM) and 25 minors present together with they. Eleven inmates are distributed among the ICAMs of Turin (2 mothers and 2 minors), Milan (2 mothers and 2 minors) and Venice (2 mothers and 3 minors); two are in the nursery section of the Rome Rebibbia women’s prison (where there are also two minors), while in each of the special nursery sections of Turin, Milan Bollate and Florence Sollicciano there is a mother with a minor in tow. The highest number of visitors is recorded at the ICAM in Lauro, in Irpinia, which hosts 11 mothers and 13 children (a number which, due to a typo, was reported yesterday in a note). Other nursery sections are active in the institutes of Perugia, Foggia, Reggio Calabria and Messina, but, as of yesterday, September 10, 2021, they do not register the presence of inmates-mothers.

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minister Cartabia sends Corriereit inspectors

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