Sprint Race F1 in Monza, Bottas victory over Verstappen. Hamilton cue at the start, is fifth

Sprint Race F1 in Monza, Bottas victory over Verstappen. Hamilton cue at the start, is fifth
Sprint Race F1 in Monza, Bottas victory over Verstappen. Hamilton cue at the start, is fifth

Surprise at the start with Lewis who starts badly and loses 4 positions, finishing 5th. In the end the Finn wins but for the change of power unit on Sunday he will start at the bottom, the pole will be of the Dutch Red Bull. Third Ricciardo on Norris. Ferrari: Leclerc 6th, Sainz 7th

Valtteri Bottas won the second Sprint Race in F1 history. The Finn of Mercedes preceded Max Verstappen’s Red Bull who will therefore start tomorrow in pole position, given the penalty of the Finn for power unit change (he will start from the back). Surprise third place for Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren, while Lewis Hamilton, who had a bad start, finished only fifth, preceded also by the other McLaren of Lando Norris. Sixth place for Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari, seventh for Carlos Sainz, eighth for Antonio Giovinazzi with Alfa Romeo. The Sprint Race awarded Bottas 3 world championship points, Verstappen 2 and Ricciardo 1 and therefore Verstappen in the world championship standings is now +5 over Hamilton.

Lewis planted

Hamilton who is the great loser of today. The final plan of the world champions was to earn more points on Verstappen. Instead, everything went upside down at the start of what is still a race start, with all the risks involved. And Lewis went wrong, because his W12, which started from the first pitch, remained planted with respect to Bottas, Verstappen and the two McLarens of Ricciardo and Norris, who started with soft rubber. Hamilton in the first variant was also taken off by Gasly’s AlphaTauri, but the Frenchman after a few meters ended up in the gravel with a piece of bulkhead blown from his car.

Safety Car per Gasly

Safety Car for two laps and then restart of the race with Bottas unleashed in front of Verstappen and the two McLarens to whom the red tire gave a big hand to keep behind Hamilton, who will start only fourth tomorrow. The Ferraris take home sixth and seventh places ahead of Giovinazzi’s Alfa Romeo. Then Perez’s Red Bull and Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin. On Sunday at 3 pm the real race.

Sprint Race finish order

Order of arrival of the Monza Sprint Race:

1. Bottas (End – Mercedes)
2. Verstappen (Ola – Red Bull) +23
3. Ricciardo (Aus – McLaren) +14.5
4. Norris (Gbr – McLaren) +18,8
5. Hamilton (Gbr – Mercedes) +20
6. Leclerc (Mon – Ferrari) +23.4
7. Sainz (Spa – Ferrari) +27,9
8. Giovinazzi (Ita – Alfa Romeo) +31
9. Perez (Month – Red Bull) +31.6
10. Stroll (Can – Aston Martin) +38,6
11. Alonso (Spa – Alpine) +39.7
12. Vettel (Ger – Aston Martin) +41.1
13. Ocon (Fra – Alpine) +43,3
14. Latifi (Can – Williams) +45,9
15. Russell (Gbr – Williams) +46,8
16. Tsunes (Giap – Alpha Tauri) +49,9
17. Mazepin (Rus – Haas) +1’02”5
18. Kubica (Pol – Alfa Romeo) 1’05”
19. Schumacher (Ger – Haas) 1’06 ”
20. Gasly (Fra – Alpha Tauri) rit.

World championship standings

World ranking after the Monza Sprint Race:

1. Verstappen punti 226.5
2. Hamilton 221,5
3. Bottas 126
4. Norris 114
5. Perez 108
6. Leclerc 92
7. Sainz 89,5
8. Gasly 66
9. Ricciardo 57
10 Alonso 46

1. Mercedes 347,5
2. Red Bull 334,5
3. Ferrari 181,5
4. McLaren 171
5. Alpine 90
6. AlphaTauri 84
7. Aston Martin 53
8. Williams 20
9. Alfa Romeo 3
10. Haas 0

September 11, 2021 (change September 11, 2021 | 5:59 pm)



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