“Masks and smart working in winter if Covid cases go back”

“Masks and smart working in winter if Covid cases go back”
“Masks and smart working in winter if Covid cases go back”

the masks and the work from home could be reintroduced if the cases of Covid should increase this winter in Great Britain. Both measures have been reduced to July, but should be reintroduced into the “Winter Anti Covid-19 Plan” of Boris Johnson which will be released on Wednesday.

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Masks and smart working in winter if the cases of Covid go back

Concerns are mounting that the National Health Service it could come under severe pressure in the coming months if the UK gets hit with a bad flu season. Johnson’s plan will outline how Britain could deal with rising cases during the winter season with the aim of avoiding another lockdown nationwide, reports the Times.


The guide says the government “may need to take steps to help manage the virus during periods of higher risk, such as winter.” But he adds that ministers “will try as much as possible to avoid imposing restrictions that have significant economic, social and health costs”. However, the prime minister is likely to be determined to avoid harming the tourism industry or closing schools. Instead, mandatory face masks and work from home are among the measures Downing Street is seriously considering.

The emergency powers

The plan comes as Johnson is trying to extend Covid-related “emergency” powers for another six months. The Prime Minister wants to keep the Coronavirus Act enshrined in the law until March 2022, when it will automatically expire two years after it enters into force. The legislation gives authorities and policemen broad powers to limit public gatherings, close premises and force people into self-isolation. But it also underpins social safety nets created for the pandemic such as protecting renters from eviction and sick pay for people in quarantine. Dozens of conservative MPs opposed the move, with one MP pointing to the extension as an act of “tyranny”.

The vaccination campaign

The Prime Minister’s allies say the plan’s launch means this winter will be “different,” but ministers aren’t ruling out a return to some restrictions if the NHS falls under stress. It is hoped that the vaccination campaign will keep the pressure on the health service within seasonal norms, despite hospital admissions showing a steady increase. Meanwhile, ministers will give the green light to increase doses and initiate the largest launch of flu vaccines in history to ease pressure on the NHS. An advertising blitz will urge the most vulnerable to get the third dose of Covid and request the flu shot to try to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed if cases continue to grow. Figures released last night reveal that 8,085 Brits are in hospital for Covid. The number has increased by 6% in a week and is at its highest since the beginning of March. However, it is still well below the second peak in January, when 39,254 were hospitalized, the maximum number since the start of the pandemic.

The figure comes after Boris Johnson told the nation that the British should «live with Covid», after the end of the lockout restrictions.



Masks smart working winter Covid cases

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