Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 11 September

Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 11 September
Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 11 September

Today’s Covid Italy bulletin, Saturday 11 September 2021, with data and news from the Civil Protection and the Ministry of Health – region by region – on infections, hospitalizations, deaths. The numbers from Sicily in the yellow zone with new rules, from Lombardy and Puglia, from Lazio and Campania, from Tuscany and Veneto, while in the country there is discussion of green pass possibly extended to private work, vaccination obligation and third dose. The numbers of big cities like Rome, Milan and Naples. The point about vaccines in Italy. The data of the regions:


There are 499 new coronavirus infections in Emilia Romagna according to data from today’s bulletin, 11 September. There are 4 more deaths, bringing the total number of deaths in the region to 13,408 since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. Since yesterday 36,357 swabs have been performed, the positivity rate is 1.4%. The average age of new positives today is 37.2 years.

The contagion situation in the provinces sees Modena with 106 new cases, followed by Bologna with 72 then by Rimini (71), Reggio Emilia (58), Parma (47), Piacenza (36), Ravenna (30), Ferrara (29) , Forlì (20) and finally Cesena (16) and the Imolese district (14).

There are a total of 14,678 people in isolation at home (+101). Compared to yesterday, the number of hospitalized in intensive care remains unchanged (43) and that in the other Covid departments, which is currently 390 (-10), falls. In the area, patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 4 in Piacenza (-1 compared to yesterday), 5 in Parma (unchanged compared to yesterday), 2 in Reggio Emilia (-1), 6 in Modena (+1) , 10 in Bologna (unchanged), 2 in Imola (unchanged), 5 in Ferrara (unchanged), 1 in Ravenna (unchanged), 1 in Forlì (unchanged), 7 in Rimini (+1). No hospitalization in intensive care in Cesena.

At 2.30 pm a total of 6,118,233 doses of vaccine were administered; out of the total, 2,894,841 people completed the vaccination cycle.


There are 39 new coronavirus infections in Basilicata according to today’s bulletin, 11 September. Zero, however, the death toll in the last 24 hours. 815 the molecular swabs carried out. The Lucanians recovered or negativized are 42. The hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera are 53 (+3) of which 4 in intensive care while the current positives are in all 1,308 (-3).

For vaccination, 2,666 administrations were carried out yesterday and so far 409,736 Lucanians have received the first dose of the vaccine (74.1 percent) while 340,734 have completed the vaccination cycle (61.6 percent) for a total of 750,470 administrations carried out. The highest percentages are recorded in the age group 70-79 years with 95.8 percent of first doses administered and with 90.9 percent completion of the vaccination cycle.


There are 429 new coronavirus infections in Tuscany according to data from today’s bulletin, 11 September, anticipated on social networks by the president of the region Eugenio Giani. “The new cases registered in Tuscany are 429 out of 19,924 tests, of which 8,372 molecular swabs and 11,552 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 2.15% (7.0% on the first diagnoses)”, says Giani. The Tuscan governor also takes stock of vaccines, explaining that currently 5,057,851 have been administered.

In the last 24 hours in Tuscany there have been another 3 deaths due to covid. The current positives are today 9,515, -2.6% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 434 (8 less than yesterday), of which 55 in intensive care (2 less).

There are 76,441 total cases to date in Florence (113 more than yesterday), 25,439 in Prato (69 more), 26,008 in Pistoia (62 more), 14,589 in Massa (17 more), 28,384 in Lucca (32 more), 32,726 in Pisa (45 more), 20,523 in Livorno (24 more), 25,297 in Arezzo (18 more), 15,627 in Siena (35 more), 10,773 in Grosseto (14 more). 555 positive cases were reported in Tuscany, but residing in other regions.


There are 222 new coronavirus infections in Puglia according to data from today’s bulletin, 11 September 2021. There are another 2 deaths, which bring to 6,747 the total deaths in the region since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. 16,343 swabs have been performed since yesterday. These are the new cases by province: Bari 46, Bat 33, Brindisi 37, Foggia 32, Lecce 45, Taranto 22, residents outside region 1, province in definition 6. Currently, 3,725 people are positive for covid in Puglia: of these, 182 they are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 20 in intensive care. Since the beginning of the emergency, there are 265,867 total cases in the region.

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