used against Covid, but for experts it is dangerous

used against Covid, but for experts it is dangerous
used against Covid, but for experts it is dangerous

A bacterium that should protect the body, increase immunity and repel Covid: nothing could be more false. The bacterium Streptomyces, contained in a medicine imported from Brazil, is actually a pathogen that, according to doctors, causes severe intestinal disorders such as severe diarrhea.

While many have shown little faith in vaccines, No Vax do not seem to be afraid of this bacterium contained in the medicine Parvulan. For months, in fact, the sites have been talking about it and presented as “huge amplifier for the body’s immune defenses”.

Faced with this situation, some experts and Aifa took to the field to dispel any doubts.

Parvulan: who is in favor of the drug in Italy

The administration of Parvulan is warmly supported by a doctor from Modena: Beniamino Palmieri, a retired professor of the Faculty of Medicine. Palmieri is a staunch supporter of the group of skeptics “3V movement. Vaccines We Want Truth“. Parvulan would be administered with three injections, one per day; in the event that the patient is positive it would be possible to administer even 10 injections.

Palmieri plans to supply the medicine to 10,000 volunteers, collecting data to conduct a statistical study and dialogue with the ministerial health authorities.

The procedure itself might seem like a simple experiment, but for Palmieri it is something else. The inoculation of the drug should suffice for the patient to receive a “green pass alternativo“: the “Certificate of treatment with antiviral purposes”.

In addition to the doctor and the No Vax, there is also the voice of a senator from the group “Forza Italia Berlusconi President”, The Modenese Enrico Aimi, who presented some parliamentary questions. In fact, according to the senator, stimulation should be considered during the November and June interrogations “the innate immunity of the organism“And Parvulan, in his humble opinion, would be”a garrison of greater security“With respect to the vaccination plan.

Parvulan what the experts say

With the increase in imports of the drug from Brazil and the debate that has arisen around, theItalian drug agency (Aifa) had to intervene by warning of the Parvulan danger.

Aifa has indeed issued a note of alarm. The bacterium, illegal in Italy, is produced in Brazil to combat acne and herpes zoster (shingles), so the administration of the drug in the prophylaxis of Sars-CoV-2 is not supported by the slightest evidence. scientific for efficacy or safety. It therefore turns out to be a potential health hazard.

There are many doctors and experts who have taken the field to explain what Parvulan is and whether it is useful or not. For Silvio Garattini, founder and president of the Mario Negri Institute, Parvulan is an indicated product “for a long time, but completely useless”.

Andrea Cossarizza, immunologist at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, ordered not to use products for the immune system at random “which could create problems in case of contagion”.

Warning of wrong drugs used to treat Covid

Unfortunately, the story of the Parvulan is not an isolated case. Other drugs have been used inappropriately and incorrectly against Covid.

The United States, in fact, has recorded several hospitalizations for overdose of Ivermectin, a drug used against intestinal worms. Again the drug was promoted by Republican and No Vax circles. Everything stems from a hypothesis suggested by some studies, but then denied during the experimentation.

For this reason, requests for prescriptions for the drug have increased and to circumvent the prescription requirement, patients have turned to veterinary pharmacies. I Centers for Disease Control (Cdc) told of a man who drank a dose of the drug formulated to be injected into cattle, ending up in the hospital for nine days. Now he’s out of harm’s way.

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