Covid, La Rocca: “First cases among the vaccinated”

Vaccination campaign, data on infections and more: eyes on Palazzo dei Normanni. There are many issues on the table of the Health Commission, broadcast in streaming as proposed by the Cinquestelle Movement group, for the hearing of the director of strategic planning of the health department, Mario La Rocca. On the other hand, the president Nello Musumeci is absent.

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Work begins: we start with the situation linked to the red zone in Palermo. President Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo wants to take stock of the data and claims the role of the Commission, a designated place to study the overall situation. “With all due respect to the newspapers, this is where we need to talk about it.” La Rocca spoke about the red zone of Palermo. The manager reports the data for the first few days of April (exponential increase in cases since early March).

“When the Musumeci government signed the ordinance for the ‘red zone’ in Palermo, and then also in the province, the figure was 209 infections per 100 thousand inhabitants but we had the perception of a greater spread of the variants and we also recorded the pressure on hospitals. That figure is now consolidated: the incidence is 275 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, ”he said. Then a passage on the variants. “In Palermo there was an evident escalation of infections, in particular due to the spread of the more aggressive variants. We have the first cases of the virus in subjects already vaccinated. That’s why the red zone has been adopted throughout the province, ”he says.

“If we did not intervene in Palermo, we risked turning all of Sicily into a red zone with the joke that while in Italy it opens in May, Sicily could be declared a red zone”. At this point Costa the Palermitan commissioner intervenes who marries the line and the report of La Rocca. The opinion of the pentastellato deputy Francesco Cappello, who considers “the red zone” a surrender to the virus and also complains about the absence of President Musumeci, is of opposite sign.

“I don’t know if he will ever deign to us for his presence in the Commission”. “No solution has been put in place to get out of the red zone in the province of Palermo or to prevent the whole of Sicily from becoming the red zone. When the red zone is declared (what happened to the CTS?), One surrenders to the virus, and tacitly affirms the total inability to control the virus and therefore the pandemic. Tracking, monitoring and surveillance are still like mirages today and despite the fact that more than a year has passed since the start of the pandemic, ”he says.

The deputy Antonello Cracolici does not criticize the radiculitis of the choices but the lack of credibility perceived by the population with respect to the data of the infections after the latest events that have affected the leaders of the Region. Cracolici fears for good the outcome of the vaccination campaign that sees Sicily at the bottom of the national rankings and for the shortage of health personnel (“I understand that the hubs are full of administrative”). “There is chaos at the organizational level”, he accuses, asking for greater involvement in the management of the emergency. La Rocca intervenes and releases a data of opposite sign.

“The 5000 deaths in Sicily with an average that is half of the national one”, he explains. “Going after the daily communication on the numbers of Covid, which no one has the possibility to consolidate, has meant that a climate of mistrust has been created in the institutions. One thing is the data on the basis of which the choices are made, precisely that consolidated and uploaded to the platform, one thing is the daily data “, says Mario La Rocca, responding to M5s deputy Salvatore Siragusa who in his speech invited the government to a more accurate information.

Pentastellato deputy Giorgio Pasqua asks: “How many doctors are there in the Sicilian Usca? There are not enough doctors and some calls made by you have gone deserted ”. A problem, that of the shortage of personnel, which returns. “With which personnel will the vaccinations be made?”, Asks Pasqua, who accuses the leaders of having distributed health personnel and vaccines in a different way on the Sicilian territory. The deputy complained about the lack of materials for molecular swab analysis and a cumbersome way of collecting data.

Democratic parliamentarian Giuseppe Arancio asks that a health councilor be appointed. “You can’t serve a mid-service councilor,” he says.

Mr Pullara proposes (first in Italy) to impose the mandatory serological test per step after the vaccine. Then it’s up to the group leader dem Giuseppe Lupo. The deputy asks to know about General Figliuolo’s upgrade plan on hubs and vaccines. The Honorable Marianna Caronia proposes salivary swabs on children in schools and activation of school Usca. Caronia proposes to draw up precise rules for reopening by equipping the structures with tools to secure the premises.

Deputy Roberta Schillaci fears the spread of infections in the popular neighborhoods of Palermo out of control. And not only that, he asks “where we are with monoclonal and plasma treatments and if the Sicilian Region will try to obtain other less critical vaccines due to the fatal contraindications of some”. And he remembers “having presented an agenda, on the sidelines of the financial law, to commit the government to commit itself to open data, also with the help of ‘On data’, an organization that has been dealing with it for years and would also do it for free , because the truthfulness and certainty of the data is also strategic for an effective fight against the pandemic and instead we are in the chaos of the data that throw Sicilians into despair ”

The Honorable Tommaso Calderone does not send them to say: “I want to know clearly what exit strategy is to be adopted so that Sicily can get out of this nightmare. Simple to say, let’s close everything “. And he adds: “The variants are not a Sicilian novelty”. Then he calls on the Asp commissioner of Messina and opens the “Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto” case (red zone for a week). The criteria for the number of vaccine doses sent in the various countries. “Why didn’t you strengthen the Usca and the vaccination center in Barcelona?”. Then he presses: “I want to know if there is a strategy for Barcelona to get out of the red zone?”.

Pentastellato Antonino De Luca laments the absence of President Musumeci and criticizes the choice of having identified the Messina fair as a vaccination hub. A little easy and badly suited to vaccination operations. Answers from Dr. Daniela Faraoni, general manager of the Palermo ASP arrive. “The vaccination activities were also carried out in nursing homes, we are unable to complete due to the amount of requests from new structures: we think there was an undeclared one that now emerges for fear of the pandemic, we will complete within the week,” he explains. Faraoni is counting on the agreement reached with 500 family doctors for vaccinations, an element that should speed up the procedures. And he ensures that “you are not navigating on sight”.

The president of the order of doctors of Palermo, Salvatore Amato, assures that there is an adequate number in the Palermo Usca. But it does give a hint. “Usca doctors as well as swabs and vaccines should also take care of home care.” Doctor Renato Costa, extraordinary commissioner for the Covid Asp Palermo emergency, tries to reassure the assembly. “Our Usca make 800 home visits a day and it is a precious activity”. “In Palermo we are 94% of the tracking, that is, we track everyone”, explains Costa. “We are doing everything we can do right now with the utmost commitment, from vaccines to tracking: by continuing in this way we will be able to reach 12,000 vaccines, the target assigned by Figliulo for our city”. The president of the order Amato leaves the session with a note putting pen to paper “it is not my intention to argue here, I prefer to integrate what has already been said with a written note, also in response to my colleague Costa”.

Alberto Firenze, special commissioner for the Covid emergency of the ASP of Messina, takes stock of the situation starting from his inauguration (about a month ago). Florence thanks for the critical issues reported by the deputies. On the exit strategy (although of a more regional competence) requested by Calderone, he assures that he has set to work. Then a photograph of the Barcelona situation. “The vaccination point in Barcelona currently administers 150 per day on the basis of the requests that arrive, the strengthening of the center will reach a number of about 300 doses per day”, assures the commissioner. Then Mario La Rocca takes the floor. The manager claims some initiatives put in place such as “opening up to over 60s”. Then he answers on the data related to vaccination. “We are behind with the over 80s because a large number, due to technological problems or fear of the vaccine, have not booked, we hope to reach these subjects through family doctors”. La Rocca responds to Schillaci on plasma treatments and monoclonal treatments. “Plasma treatments have been abandoned throughout Italy, we are starting on monoclonals”.

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