Military died after vaccine, prosecutor in Holland for investigations on AstraZeneca

Military died after vaccine, prosecutor in Holland for investigations on AstraZeneca
Military died after vaccine, prosecutor in Holland for investigations on AstraZeneca

The headquarters of the Rivm, the National Institute for public health and environment, the investigations ordered by the Syracuse Public Prosecutor’s Office as part of the investigation into the death of Stefano Paternò, the soldier who died last March 9 in Misterbianco (Catania), a few hours after the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine. These are new unrepeatable technical tests arranged to establish the characteristics of the contents in the bottles of the AstraZeneca vaccine relating to six lots: ABV2856, the one administered to the non-commissioned officer of the Navy who died a few hours after the vaccine, and other five lots: ABV6096, ABV5811, ABV3374 , ABW1277 and ABW2586. To accompany the batches of AstraZeneca vaccines to Holland, aboard a military aircraft made available by the General Command of the Carabinieri, together with the Nas of Catania, also the prosecutor Gaetano Bono. These are the lots still under sequestration, after the death of Paternò.

“But I also chose to analyze 5 other lots, therefore six lots in all”, explains the magistrate reached by telephone in Holland from Adnkronos. Three of these batches of AstraZeneca had already come under AIFA’s magnifying glass for some checks following the deaths of other people who had received the vaccine. “In addition – adds the prosecutor Gaetano Bono – I asked the Nas to take two other lots at random to make a comparison”. “I asked both the Rivm and the Higher Institute of Health how many vials they needed to carry out the analyzes in a complete way – he says – and the Dutch told me that they needed six for each batch”. Then twelve vials of the ‘offending’ batch, that is 2856, were brought to the Netherlands, six were at the military hospital of Augusta (Syracuse), where the vaccine was administered to Stefano, Paternò and the other six vials were chosen at random , “plus I sampled other lots”. For a total of 42 vials.

‘These analyzes cannot be done in Italy’

Yesterday the meeting in Linate, where the vials were brought by the Carabinieri that had been taken by the Nas in Cremona “and we took the other boxes that contained the vaccines”. “I arranged for the cold chain to be respected – says prosecutor Gaetano Bono – we made an in-depth market analysis to see how and in what conditions they could travel”. “And we found a company that supplied us with these boxes which then manage to maintain the temperature – says the prosecutor Bono – they have inside plates that guarantee the temperature up to 12 hours. And inside each box there was a datalogger, which is a kind of USB pen that records the temperature during the whole transport. And as soon as the box is unpacked, the datalogger plugs into the computer and generates a pdf that gives the temperature analysis, minute by minute. So we were able to evaluate that all vaccines have traveled in compliance with the cold chain. This too has been the subject of investigation. And today the actual analyzes are being carried out. These will be done today and next April 20 “. The result will come in three weeks.

“I would have gladly done these analyzes in Italy – says prosecutor Bono to Adnkronos – so I tried to see who could do them, but this type of analysis cannot be done in Italy. The only official European laboratory responsible for this analysis is the control of each lot is the Rivm, in the Netherlands. Another is in Great Britain because with Brexit they have all their institutions. Therefore, in Italy there is no certified method to do the same analysis. If they had done it in Italy they could not have certified that it was made according to the method established for the release of the batch which is called in English ‘Batch release’. A certificate that is issued before each batch is placed on the market. They check three things: l appearance, identity and activity. In particular, activity and identity are the most important tests that give certain indications regarding the active ingredient. The Istituto Superiore di Sanità, when he wrote to me a couple of weeks ago, me he said he had not implemented the analytical methods to determine the identity of the vaccine. They can do other checks, but not this one. ”

“In the meantime we do it in Holland and at the same time we will do it in Italy”, adds prosecutor Bono. “The analysis wants to be complete,” he says. “Everything happened in record time, we never stopped,” he adds.

Prosecutor Bono went to the Netherlands not only to verify compliance with the cold chain, but to execute the European criminal investigation order. “It is an important tool for collaboration between European judicial authorities – underlines the magistrate – Therefore, Italy issues an order that is carried out voluntarily by the European judicial authorities. They made sure that I did my investigation outside the national territory. And everything was done in record time “.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues, histological samples have been made to ascertain any pathologies

The investigation, meanwhile, continues to verify if there really is a correlation between the death of the soldier and the administration of the vaccine. “The activities we are doing in discovery in parallel with the autopsy examination – explains the magistrate – are in the second phase which includes, among other things, the toxicological examination”. Just yesterday the histological samples were taken. “After the autopsy – says the prosecutor – the organs were removed and specific solutions were put in place that ‘fixed’ the organs. Yesterday the sampling was done, with the presence of consultants”. “Now we will wait for the histological analyzes, he adds – which give results on the organs. It is the cellular analysis to know if there was any pathology at the organ level and which was not known. In the meantime we are doing the remaining analyzes, and we await the results. in about 15 days “.

There are a dozen prosecutors investigating suspicious cases in Italy. And the Prosecutor of Syracuse, led by Sabrina Gambino, has implemented an investigative coordination. There are four suspects in the Syracuse investigation. These are Lorenzo Wittum, as legal representative of AstraZeneca Italy, and then a doctor and a nurse from the military hospital where the dose was administered, and a 118 doctor.

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