Vaccini, Campania will have more supplies: the distribution criterion changes

A vaccine for every resident, taking into account who actually lives in a particular region. As writes the commissioner for the Covid emergency, Son, with a new ordinance changes the criteria for distributing vaccines which from tomorrow will be based on the resident population. In fact, the governor’s requests are accepted Vincenzo De Luca which on this point for a year has engaged in a tough battle with the government, in recent days even with harsh and offensive tones. The point is that since the vaccination of the over 80s is now well underway and with substantial stocks of AstraZeneca (now planned for the 60-79 years old range) in storage in the refrigerators of all regions, Figliuolo has decided to return to the distribution criterion for residence. Criterion that determines a redistribution in favor of various regions, especially southern, first of all Campania.

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by Antonio di Costanzo

April 14, 2021

De Luca argues that the distribution criteria adopted so far have penalized Campania which, based on the real number of residents, had 200,000 fewer vaccines. Having assigned vaccines based on the target to be covered has penalized regions such as Campania which has, for example, fewer health workers than other parts of Italy and the greater number of young people. De Luca also appealed to the President of the Republic Mattarella, and has harshly argued with the premier Draghi: “With what conscience can 210,000 doses of vaccine be removed from Campania? Conscience must always work, not with alternating current”.

Campania, vaccines in pharmacies: here’s how, where and when it will be possible

by Anna Laura de Rosa

April 13, 2021

According to the former mayor of Salerno “Campania has so far had 235 thousand fewer doses than Lazio, despite having the same population. It has had 10 thousand fewer vaccines than Emilia-Romagna, which has 1 million and 300 thousand fewer inhabitants. Campania “. Hence a heavy controversy with Figliuolo, who replied to De Luca together with the government: the issue of the distribution of doses must be tackled from a national not a local point of view. The clash on the “Covid free” islands is very hard, while the government has given priority based on age groups and not on economic categories.

“Treat yourself and feel good at the time of Covid in Campania”, Thursday 15 free insert with “Repubblica” on newsstands

April 13, 2021

With the new criteria, from tomorrow 15 April, as writes, the rules change: we return to the criterion of redistribution taking into account the resident population but also that assisted by local health services. Those who live in another region for study or work reasons will only get the vaccine there if they have moved their home and family doctor. Pushing for the change in distribution criteria is the fact that the campaign for over 80s is now well underway and that there are stocks of AstraZeneca that can be administered to the age group ranging from 60 to 79 years. From tomorrow, the Regions with more young people will return to have more vaccines than those with older people who have been favored so far.

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