“Inverted roles”. The request that blows up Italian athletics – Libero Quotidiano

“Inverted roles”. The request that blows up Italian athletics – Libero Quotidiano
“Inverted roles”. The request that blows up Italian athletics – Libero Quotidiano

Between Marcell Jacobs e Filippo Tortu there is no good blood, you know. But the risk that the healthy sporting rivalry between the two Italian sprinters heroes at the last Olympics Tokyo 2020 transcend and “ruin” the extraordinary climate of the Italian team seems more and more concrete.

Of the two, the star is undeniably the sprinter of Texan origins: on the track (individual gold and in the relay) especially outside, between covers and posts on Instagram. And interview. The latest, al Corriere della Sera, in addition to some very intimate and very delicate passages such as the one on his “lost” relationship with his father (“A bitch, but now I’m doing the same with my son Jeremy “, he admitted), also contains some controversial points about Tortu, also the creator of the amazing gold medal of the 4×100 with a legendary last leg.

“I want to run the fourth fraction, because glory takes the last one – relaunches Jacobs, with such frankness as to flirt with brutality and sporting arrogance -. Until last year the strongest was Filippo Tortu, so he was right that the honor fell to him, but now the roles have reversed and I will ask to reverse the positions on the track as well. There is healthy rivalry with him, although now my goal is beat the number one in the world “.

An underlining, this, which seems to indicate that according to Jacobs Tortu does not fall into this category. Rather heavy phrases that on social media have already attracted the criticism of many readers and fans of Italian athletics, never as strong as in this unforgettable summer 2021. In the hope that it was not just a wonderful flash in the pan. And there are those who oppose Jacobs Gianmarco Tamberi, also Olympic gold in the high jump but, unlike the man-cover, he immediately returned to the platform. And winning.

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Inverted roles request blows Italian athletics Libero Quotidiano

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