John Travolta remembers his dead son: “Greetings my beautiful Jett, I love you”

April 14, 2021 12:35 pm

It is the first birthday of the eldest son who died in 2009, which the actor “celebrates” without his wife Kelly Preston

Simple words and a shot that portrays them together, he and Jett, smiling happily. So John Travolta he keeps alive the memory of his son, even and especially on his first birthday without his beloved life partner and mother of the boy. A few years ago, the “Blow Out” star told Us Weekly that his son’s death was “the worst thing that ever happened in his life”. A pain that remains vivid even 12 years after his death.
Affected by syndrome in Kawasaki when he was very young Jett suffered from epileptic fits and precisely because of one of these, during a vacation in the Bahamas with his parents, the boy fell hitting his head and died.

John and Kelly already had another baby girl, Bella, born in 2000, and one year old after Jett’s death, Preston gave birth to another child Benjamin.
But the serenity regained by the family was again shattered last August by Kelly’s death, after a two-year battle with breast cancer. Now John is left alone with Bella and Benjamin cultivating nonstop the memory of Jett and Kelly, who will always be next to them.


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