Campania towards the orange zone from next week. The data of the Covid infection

Next Friday, in the weekly monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health, Campania should leave the Covid red zone and re-enter the orange one after 6 weeks in the conditions of maximum restriction (and maximum risk).

But what is the situation of the contagion in Campania? What does the data say? RT is falling because the number of symptomatic positives decreases, but there are other elements that continue to worry: the region (Gimbe data) is still first in Italy for the number of Covid positives / 100 thousand inhabitants.

The trend and the 7-day projection of the number of infected in Campania according to data from the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) indicates a slow decline.

For now too data on the employment of intensive care and ordinary hospitalization remains below the alert level. The risk, therefore, is that a relaxation of the restrictions, although necessary given the long stay of Campania in the red zone, could lead to a resumption of the infection, all while the vaccination campaign is proceeding, yes, but slowly.

The orange zone, we remember, allows you to move again adequately motivated in the municipal area between 5 and 22 (curfew remains). Clothing and other shops reopen, barbers, hairdressers and beauty centers. The restaurants do not reopen even if there is constant talk of a possible reopening in May.

But above all, in the orange zone, it is expected from new Draghi decree return to class for second and third grade students and at least 50% for high school students. And this is one of the themes: what will Campania do? Will it allow schools to open again or there will be a new one restraining order of De Luca in this sense? It will also be necessary to readjust public transport timetables which are now sized for the red zone.


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