Ibra again: ‘Messi-Psg? I am a legend there. Champions? I did better than many who won it. Lukaku … ‘| First page

Ibra again: ‘Messi-Psg? I am a legend there. Champions? I did better than many who won it. Lukaku … ‘| First page
Ibra again: ‘Messi-Psg? I am a legend there. Champions? I did better than many who won it. Lukaku … ‘| First page

After the previews of last night (HERE for the comparisons with Ronaldo, Messi and the Golden Ball never received) here is the full interview of Zlatan Ibrahimovic a France Football, where the attacker of the Milan he tells himself, between past, present and future: “What would I say to the young Zlatan? I’d just tell him to have more patience. Everything will be returned to him. I worked hard, but I didn’t have much patience. I wanted everything to happen very quickly. Keep working and believe in yourself. It is very difficult when you are young. But when you have an experience like the one I have now, you understand what it means. When you are young and free, full of ideas, with a lot of energy and motivation, you want to discover the world, but you have so many things to learn, it is not easy. You have to be surrounded by people who have experience, who allow you to stay calm and who tell you the truth ”.

ON THE END OF CAREER – “I don’t know what will remain of me at the end of my career, I hope something. If I leave something, it means that I have done my job well. Maybe my ideas. Believe in yourself, have your own personality, don’t be afraid to move forward with your ideas, have an open mind ”.

ERRORS – “I do it every day. How to talk to you now (laughs, ed). We make mistakes every day. And so you become a better person, no one is perfect ”.

THE WORK – “I’m good at my job and I’m here to help. I try to win and make a difference on the pitch. I’m not here to be remembered by people. If I am almost two meters and I am still strong it is because I train and work, it is not because I am in Venice Beach and I do bodybuilding all day. I try to adapt my game to my characteristics and my age. I’m not as fast as when I was 25 or 30, but I do my best to help the team ”.

THE DISPUTE WITH LEBRON – “I said we weren’t doing politics. Politics divides people. Football in my world brings people together. Big difference. Because I’m lucky enough to be able to meet and get to know guys that I would never have known if I hadn’t played football. I have met people from all over the world. We bring people together. Politics divides. If I wanted to be in politics, I would be in politics. We should only do what we are good at. Sports and politics fall into two different categories. If you are smart, you get it. It is not a question of taking a stand or not. It’s about what you do and what message you want to convey. We footballers spread love and joy. You can’t bring your politics into my world. I’m not here to send the wrong message to people. They are only there to unite, to spread love and joy. This is the best way we have to do it. Football or sport, because we are good at it. I’m good at this, I’m good at football ”.

END OF CAREER – “I want to disappear… when you have lived in this world for as long as I have lived, you know what you have been through, both mentally and physically. So, I just want to disappear and enjoy life ”.

THE CHAMPIONS – “If I had won it, it would have been wonderful. I didn’t win it, but that doesn’t make me a worse player. It’s like the guys who tell me: ‘Zlatan, you didn’t win the World Cup, you’re not a good player’ Ok… it is easier to win the World Cup when you are French than Swedish. Afterwards, to return to the Champions League, the more you wait, the more pleasant it is to win it, right? I still have some goals and I still want to win them.el club I won everything except the Champions League. But I’m not complaining because I’ve done more than many others, I’m happy “.

LEBRON E LUKAKU – “Who would I invite on a snowmobile to Sweden between Lukaku and LeBron? Both, if they love the snow ”.

IL PSG – “Messi? Everyone has their own story, I have mine with PSG. Now it is time for someone else to leave his motto, his story, his legacy written in stone. I wrote mine: “I arrived like a king, I went away like a legend”. Nobody will be able to take him, he will have to leave another one “.

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