they did not respect motorists’ privacy

they did not respect motorists’ privacy
they did not respect motorists’ privacy

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11 September 2021 10:02


The bill was steep. Municipality and Atac were sentenced to pay a maxi fine by the Privacy Guarantor. In fact, they did not adequately protect the data of motorists who used their parking spaces.

The offending parking meters

It all started with a user who complained about the new parking meters installed in Rome in 2018. The new version, in fact, provided for both the introduction of some services (such as the payment of penalties) and the insertion of the license plate number. of the vehicle. But how are the personal data entered in the machine managed? The doubt raised by users was accepted by the Guarantor who, in the subsequent inspection, conducted in collaboration with the special Privacy Unit of the Financial Police, found various irregularities.

Privacy not guaranteed

In particular, it emerged that the Municipality of Rome had not provided any information on the processing of motorists’ data and had not appointed the company Atac Spa as data processor. Furthermore, the register of data processing had not been prepared and the whole project was conceived without respecting the principles of data protection, as is instead required by European legislation. Furthermore, the data retention times had not even been defined and the staff in charge could have checked any plate in a massive and repeated manner over time, without leaving any trace. This aspect, clearly, did not protect motorists whose habits and places to stop could hypothetically be known.

A millionaire fine

In light of the violations found and the unlawful processing of data, the Privacy Guarantor has imposed a fine of 800,000 in Roma Capitale, of 400,000 to Atac Spa and of 30,000 to Flowbird Italia srl, the subcontractor. In calculating the penalty for unlawful data processing, the Authority took into account the large amount of personal data processed but also the positive collaboration offered by Roma Capitale and the companies to resolve some violations found during the inspection. However, the Guarantor has in any case noted the persistence of critical issues relating to security measures and has therefore also prescribed the adoption of corrective measures. The municipality, Atac and the private subcontractor will still have to pay a hefty fine. Especially for the coffers of Roma Capitale.


respect motorists privacy

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