Beautiful Italian advances: HOPE, revenge against THOMAS

Beautiful Italian advances: HOPE, revenge against THOMAS
Beautiful Italian advances: HOPE, revenge against THOMAS

Until Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) will manage to pretend to be in love with Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes)? To get the answer to this question, Italian viewers of Beautiful they won’t have to wait long, since Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) will be convinced of the boy’s staging thanks to a revelation that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) will do to her and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton).

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Beautiful, news: Steffy reveals she was “pushed” by Thomas to kiss Liam

The aforementioned revelation will have to do with the kiss between Steffy and Liam, already shown in the episodes broadcast on Channel 5. After carefully observing his brother’s every move, Steffy will have the feeling that Thomas is not at all intent on marrying Zoe, but rather to attract Hope’s jealousy.

Strengthened by this awareness, Steffy will then expose his doubts to both Hope and Liam, generating a reaction from Logan, who at that point will contemplate plotting revenge against the “enemy”!

To create the fertile ground for this intention of Hope will also be the strange attitude that Thomas will take towards the little one Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri)

Beautiful, plots: Thomas pits Douglas against Zoe

Oh yes: based on what is indicated by the advances, Thomas will leverage Douglas’ strong bond with Hope, whom he identified as his “second mom” in place of the late Caroline. Given the preparations for the now imminent wedding, the young Forrester will therefore lead his son to think that he will no longer be able to stay so long with Hope, if he really becomes Buckingham’s husband.

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This speech will obviously worry Douglas, who will not at all want to adapt to the idea that Zoe can become his new mom. This is obviously a scenario that Thomas had foreseen and that he will “accentuate” to try to further distance Hope from Liam. In short, the firstborn of Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) will do anything to blow up his marriage to Buckingham, but at the same time he will want to make sure he has Hope by his side in exchange.

Beautifiul, spoiler: Hope plots revenge against Thomas

So what kind of implications will all this lead to? We invite you to pay particular attention to Hope’s moves, as she will sense Thomas’s double-cross as soon as he discovers that he was the one who pushed Steffy to kiss Liam, effectively creating a new crisis in their relationship.

Hope will then begin to plot a sort of revenge against Thomas, revenge that he will want to coincide with the day of the boy’s wedding with Zoe!

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