Un Posto al Sole, previews from 13 to 17 September: Adele’s doubts

Weekly previews “Un Posto al Sole”, scheduled from 13 to 17 September 2021. What will we see in the new episodes on Rai 3 at 8.40pm? The circle of investigators in the investigation into Susanna’s attack gathers around the inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini. Renato’s position has worsened. Adele, confused and pained, begins to doubt the man and keeps Niko away from her daughter, still hospitalized in serious condition in the hospital.

Torn between the attraction you feel for Viviana and the desire to return to experience the love of yesteryear for Serena, Filippo tries to find an emotional balance.

The family tightens protective around Renato who appears increasingly fragile.

With Nobody, Poggy he will have to decide who to defend himself from. But someone very close to Susanna begins to doubt his innocence.

In session with your therapist, Filippo explains his reluctance to let himself go with Serena, while Viviana leaves for Tenerife.

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Rossella has a new chance encounter with Riccardo.

The closeness at work with the charming young man will put Rossella a severe test both on a professional and personal level.

Displeased by the ban on visiting a Susanna in the hospital, Nobody would like to confront Adele who, in the meantime, has to face the insistent pressure of another man. Who will it be?

Adele, repenting of her doubts, seek clarification with Giulia.

Silvia it still appears torn between the strong feeling that binds it to Michele and the attraction he feels for Giancarlo.

Renato prepares to face the interrogation with Torre.

Giulia, worried that Manlio might manipulate Adele, she would like to keep the man away from her.

Nobody is about to receive important news concerning Susanna.

The pressure of the media and the smear campaign of the haters against Fabrizio and the pasta factory shows no signs of subsiding.

Rosé he is more and more intolerant and irascible. Marina he begins to see his more aggressive side.

“A Place in the Sun” airs from Monday to Friday from 20.40 to 21.10 on Rai 3.

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