The Azzurro Scipioni cinema in Rome saved by the banks: we are living strange days, indeed very strange!

The cinema Scipioni blue already dismantled due to Covid resurrecting thanks to the banks, it is portentous and hallucinating news. Here is an excerpt from the press release of Silvano Agosti:

“I want to express my gratitude towards Luca Bergamo and the affectionate and passionate help of Laura Delli Colli who, with the Cinema Foundation, were the first to start a path to rescue the Azzurro Scipioni. I thank the President Luigi Abete of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro and Jean Laurent Bonnafè of the Bnl Bnp Paribas group, Virginia Raggi, Mayor of Rome for expressing his support and believing, in my will to continue, and the Councilor for cultural growth of Rome Capital Lorenza Fruci, Domenico Iannacone and Dr. Elena Novelli and also all those who silently they helped us, securing a future to the Azzurro Scipioni cinema, which for years has given an answer and a home to the auteur cinema. From the contributions requested for the closure we have thus passed to the contributions to save the Cinema ”.

The temple of auteur cinema saved by Luigi Abete and Jean Laurent Bonnafè, and by Virginia Raggi. We live strange days, indeed: very strange. Here is the comment of a dear friend of mine named Alessandro Littera: “The Azzurro Scipioni saved by a large banking group. This fact reminds me so much of my ex. She was hyper vegan and twisted me into her fantasies of going on full moon nights to free animals from cages. He left me for a guy to heroically talk about the Alf while grilling the steak. How fucking ironic life is ”.

If you remember, I wrote a post asking with “absolute seriousness” a Gianluca Vacchi, the billionaire dancer, to throw himself into the wonderful adventure of saving Agosti, Bergman and Fellini, it wasn’t an absurd piece, and reality has surpassed my fantasy, other than Vacchi: Bnl and Bnp.

From today whoever mentions Brecht to me is my enemy. Brecht: “What is robbing a bank compared to starting a bank?” I’ll go to my bank these days, I’ll kiss them all, one after another, I always knew who are the protectors of poetry, always! What are you saying? Too much enthusiasm? Let me be happy at least today, let me feel like a banker! I am happy for my friend Silvano, is a poet. Look at him in this film of mine, his anagram is “Navigasti solo”, you have never been alone, Silvano, and from today even the banks are with you. I’m kissing my ATM right now, but don’t tell anyone! Thanks Virginia! Sunbeams on the cinema!

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