Rome, workers carry the coffin of Alitalia in front of the Mise

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Employee protest: “They want to have a funeral for our company” – LaPresse /Courier TV

(LaPresse) Protest by Alitalia employees in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Economic Development in Rome. The resources have run out, operations are seriously risked. Workers complain about the lack of a structural plan for the rescue and revitalization of the flag carrier. “The European Community is trying to favor Lufthansa and Air France and to have a funeral for our company, which for more than seventy years has been carrying passengers around the world and would like to continue carrying them”, protest Alitalia employees. “We have no expectations. They have put in a technical government to do something capable, to do development. It is showing everything, except development, because a fundamental airline for the country that is impoverishing in favor of Air France and Lufthansa is one thing. unbelievable. It’s unlikely. ”


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