“Yes” to the public at 25%: Rome saves its games

“Yes” to the public at 25%: Rome saves its games
“Yes” to the public at 25%: Rome saves its games

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Italy and Rome will have the public at the next European football championships. It will not have been a photo finish decision like the one that saved the blue flag at Tokyo Olympics, but also the government’s “yes” to open at least 25% of the Olimpico’s capacity for the four matches he will host of Euro 2020, he arrived a few days before the final gong.

Ceferin wanted certainties by 19 April, yesterday he had them with the federal president Gravina who already in the press conference after the federal council had said he was “moderately optimistic”. A trust repaid a few hours later by the letter sent by the Undersecretary for Sport, Valentina Vezzali, in which the go-ahead was given, guaranteeing the preparation of every organizational measure aimed at ensuring the participation of a share of spectators equal to at least 25%.

Vittoria di Gravina – who worked in harmony with Vezzali – who transforms moderate optimism into a real exultation. «The go ahead from the Government represents splendid news. The message that the Executive sends to the country is of great confidence and of extraordinary vision ”, declares the number one of Italian football, who thanks Minister Speranza and Prime Minister Draghi, urged on Monday with a letter in which with a request for help to avoid losing the dispute of traveling Europeans in Italy.

“It is a result that is not just about football, but all Italian sport – says Vezzali -. It is not just about reopening a stadium, but it is a symbolic moment. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. The hope is that 11 June will be the culmination of a restart of the entire sporting movement ».

The appointments of Gravina remain confirmed, today at Palazzo Chigi and tomorrow with Vezzali. There is not only Euro 2020 on the table, waiting for the CTS to also provide the protocol to be respected for the 15-16 thousand spectators who will be able to enter the Olimpico starting from 11 June, the opening match between Italy and Turkey. The countermeasures to be adopted will be those of spectators vaccinated, with negative swabs or who have had the Covid, keeping the template and spacing within the implant. The hope is that the threshold of 500 thousand vaccines per day will also be reached, which would lead a large part of Italy to have received its dose by 11 June, including the players, to avoid a similar case to the last one. stop, with 8 positives among the players of coach Mancini.

Meanwhile, now also there League of A he presses for open doors: “We expect 1,000 spectators immediately, as it was at the beginning of the year, and then 25% of the public in the last days of the championship,” says president Dal Pino.

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