first images from the alpha of the game Arkane leaked online –

first images from the alpha of the game Arkane leaked online –
first images from the alpha of the game Arkane leaked online –

Redfall is the new game in development at Arkane, former authors of Dishonored and Prey, which has presented itself so far with a first trailer but without further details, so let’s look with interest at these alleged first images from an alpha version of the game, leaked online.

Obviously this is not official material, so it is not known for sure that these are really screenshots taken from the Redfall alpha (and in the case they could also be removed rather quickly), but everything seems to coincide with the description. This is a game still in the preliminary phase of production, therefore they are not indicative of the final quality of the title, considering that this is only expected for 2022 forwarded.

It seems to be a shooter that aims at cooperative multiplayer, even if several details are still missing, in which each character has specific abilities and finds himself fighting in a semi-contemporary setting where the threats are represented by vampires and other creepy creatures, in a kind of “modern gothic” style, so to speak.

From the images it seems to emerge the possibility of playing both in first person and in third person, since a screenshot presents the game right in this last shot. From what can be seen, it seems that it is possible to equip the character with various weapons and items.

It also seems that everything is set on alarge map freely explorable, which offers different possibilities for in-depth study on various locations, following main and secondary quests.

We saw Redfall at E3 2021 with trailer and release period, this is the new Xbox exclusive developed by Arkane after Deathloop, expected to arrive in the summer of 2022. To find out more, we refer you to the dedicated preview.


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