“Situation relieves us, vaccines miracle”

“Situation relieves us, vaccines miracle”
“Situation relieves us, vaccines miracle”

“We are faced with an epidemiological situation that is relieving us at this moment, if it were not for some signals coming from the rest of the EU, otherwise we will be in a situation of tranquility because we have a tendency to decrease the incidence and ‘Rt. This could guarantee us a stable or even decreasing incidence trend for at least 2-3 weeks “. This was stated by Gianni Rezza, director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health in his speech at the press conference on the analysis of the data of the regional monitoring of the control room.

While Rt and incidence are falling, “the employment rate of both medical and intensive care posts is slightly increasing, at around 7.4 and 5.9% respectively”, with “some regions being right at the limit of the critical threshold “, explained Rezza, who also took stock of the vaccination campaign.

“At the moment we see less daily doses administered and this is a bit physiological”, because “all those who wanted to get vaccinated ran to do so. Now we have to go fishing especially in the vaccination hesitation ranges. Instead, there seems to be a good adhesion between young people “, he highlighted. “No vaccine protects 100%”, and “it was a miracle to have vaccines available in 10-11 months with 95% efficacy against disease and 90% for infection. When someone says that vaccines do not they are so good, isn’t it. They are among the most effective vaccines we have ever had available “and the hospitalization data in recent months” speak for themselves “.


Situation relieves vaccines miracle

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