A quarter of the deaths attributed to Covid in the UK were not actually caused by the coronavirus

A quarter of the deaths attributed to Covid in the UK were not actually caused by the coronavirus
A quarter of the deaths attributed to Covid in the UK were not actually caused by the coronavirus

Nearly a quarter of the deaths in the UK attributed to Covid-19 actually would not have been caused by the coronavirus. This is confirmed by the latest updated data from the Office for National Statistics (Ons) according to which 23 percent of fatal cases now speak of people who died “with” the virus rather than “because” of the disease. As the Telegraph explains in reporting the news, this means that even if the dead person had tested positive for Covid, that was not the main cause of his disappearance recorded on the death certificate.

Deaths and decreasing cases

Also according to data from the statistical office, the number of people who lost their lives and who had the coronavirus exceeded 150 thousand, even if official government data state that 127 thousand victims of Covid-19 were. This is precisely because the disease is not always considered the cause of death. Unfortunately, the numbers remain among the highest in the world, even if now, thanks to the formidable vaccination campaign and the latest lockdown, new infections are clearly decreasing. The number of recorded deaths involving the coronavirus in England and Wales has dropped to its lowest level in six months. The University of Oxford has calculated that the number of people in hospital with active Covid infection is expected to be around half of the current published daily figure. The official data from yesterday stated that there were 2,537 coronavirus patients in the hospital, with 230 new hospitalizations, but according to the University only about half of them actively have the virus while the others have recovered.

Johnson calls for caution

With the country having reopened pubs, restaurants, shops and most of the businesses, the premier Bors Johnson continues to send messages asking citizens for caution. “People, I think, don’t appreciate the fact that the lockdown was hugely important in bringing this improvement into the pandemic and the numbers we are seeing. Of course the vaccination program has helped, but most of the work to reduce the spread of the disease. disease was carried out by confinement “, underlined the premier. But experts said it is clear vaccination is having the “biggest” impact, with the death rate for those over 60 now close to that of children under 60, despite being 43 times higher than the January peak. “All the data is very reassuring,” said Professor Carl Heneghan, director of the Center for Evidence Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, who warned that obviously with the reopening now “there will be a slight increase in cases, but the key is not to panic. I think that excessive caution can be overcome by using a data-driven approach. ”


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