That skyscraper in smoke in Milan has deleted the word periferia-

That skyscraper in smoke in Milan has deleted the word periferia-
That skyscraper in smoke in Milan has deleted the word periferia-
from Giangiacomo Schiavi

The image of the burned Torre dei Moro and the displaced people cancels certain clichés about neighborhoods usually described as outposts of decay, anger and resentment. It is the rush for aid by private individuals more than a duty: a bond that unites a city

Beyond the smoke and flames of a skyscraper transformed into a gigantic torch, Milan has canceled the word periphery and transformed it into solidarity. The dignity composed of the displaced, incredulous in front of the Torre dei Moro liquefied on a Sunday in late summer, deprived of a roof and memories, but immediately united and organized, an image that erases certain clichés about neighborhoods usually described as outposts of decay , of anger and resentment; and the rush for aid, expressed in various forms by individuals, families and associations, is more than a duty due to an exceptional emergency: a bond that unites a city. There was no other Milan in via Antonini, the border area between Vigentino, Gratosoglio and Stadera, names that evoke ancient symbols of unlivability and discomfort. There was a new one, which had grown on trust and on the opportunities offered by work and new residences, with the Prada Foundation just a few hundred meters away, not at all diminished by being less of a center, integrated into that mix that had been missing for so many years. suburbs, left guilty at the mercy of illegal and neglect.


This is summed up by the Corriere story of the Cossu family, who lived on the seventh floor in the skyscraper, three rooms plus services, the dream home for a worker and an employee with three children: This was not the condominium of the rich, the apartment l ‘we bought with the sacrifices of work and the help of parents, to be closer to our relatives. And this is testified by Mahmood, the winning rapper of Sanremo, also a tenant of the skyscraper that was supposed to be safe, fireproof, but instead it was not: Here we lived well but today the first thing that comes to me to say this: thanks to the firefighters who risked their lives for us. The second: help the families who have lost everything.

There are no more colors in the tower, all black, scorched, the evacuees do not sleep, they feel like zombies and a girl says: been like a reset, but somehow we will start again. Mahmood grew up in Gratosoglio, in that skyscraper there was his house, the first bought after the success at the Festival: he speaks via instagram, he knows that for many it will not be easy to start over without concrete help, he promises to lend a hand and launches an appeal: Milan do not forget the victims of this slap, we do not leave the families of the displaced alone.

hard to talk about hope when you see collapse your roof, or rather, liquefy like a match, but there is a concrete solidarity that is found in this periphery that is not periphery: it comes from voluntary associations, from private citizens, from companies and institutions. The “skyscraper boxes” are born to offer families basic necessities and there are those who are ready to guarantee meals for the homeless, like Ernesto Pellegrini, who has his company headquarters in another suburb, in Lorenteggio. To the Milan that is indignant for those panels that covered the skyscraper and were not fireproof as documented by the investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, another one is added that regroups in a drama that does not scream: it asks, with civilization, not to be forgotten by the politics and institutions.

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