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The delusions of Miguel Bos, crazy denier: Ornella Vanoni did not turn around too much, commenting on Twitter the interview that the singer – who now lives in Mexico, where he works as a coach of the talent La Voz Mxico – released a few days ago at the Jordi vole journalist of the Spanish TV channel La Sexta.

The interview

In fact, Bos, in reference to Covid, openly declared himself a denial (I am a denial and this is a position that I hold high. mask to protect yourself from infection. He even disputed that his mother, Lucia Bos, died after contracting the coronavirus on March 23 last year (It was not the virus that killed her, but something else … If I spoke I would say very dangerous things for those who had to treat her).

I protect myself

But Covid does exist, and Vanoni knows something about it having experienced it firsthand a few months ago: For him, Covid is a mysterious cover for something different. However, the virus is there and I protect myself. Beneath the post appeared many comments in support of the artist, who then added: His neurons burned by excess (another of the topics Bos spoke about in the interview).

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