Covid after the first dose of vaccine: what to do – Chronicle

Covid after the first dose of vaccine: what to do – Chronicle
Covid after the first dose of vaccine: what to do – Chronicle

Bologna, 11 September 2021 – The vaccination coverage after the first dose is not complete and in any case develops 7-14 days later the injection: this is written in black and white by the same Iss, the Higher Institute of Health.

But what happens if you contract the virus between the first and second dose? It is an eventuality that, with the increase of the contagiousness of variants, is unfortunately growing. For this reason, an ad hoc circular has been issued by the Ministry of Health providing clarifications. In short, it explains how to behave with the administration of the second dose if the citizen falls ill with covid after the first. There are two cases:

Covid within 14 days of the first dose

If the infection, confirmed by the positive molecular test, occurs within the fourteenth day after the administration of the first dose, the completion of the vaccination course with a second dose should be carried out. within six months (180 days) from documented infection (date of first positive molecular test). After this period of time, the vaccination cycle can still be completed, as soon as possible, with the second dose only.

Covid after 14 days from the first dose

If, on the other hand, the covid-19 infection occurs and is documented (the date of the first positive molecular test is valid) after the fourteenth day from the administration of the first dose of vaccine, the vaccination schedule is considered completed: the infection itself, in fact, is to be considered equivalent to the administration of the second dose.

It is understood that any however, administration of a second dose is not contraindicated; a specification that also applies to all subjects healed, previously unvaccinated, who received only one dose of vaccine after Sars-cov-2 infection.

The circular reiterates that the execution of serological tests, aimed at identifying the antibody response against the virus, is not indicated for the purposes of the vaccination decision-making process.

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