School competitions, ordinary or based on qualifications and services: a political choice is needed to fight the boom of empty professorships in September

Everything seems to be on the high seas. At least until today. The question of recruiting teachers sees everything frozen on the two main proposals that have been relaunched for weeks on the one hand and on the other by the political forces: will new teachers be hired through a competition based on qualifications and services or will we proceed with the ordinary competitions already announced? In the meantime, time is running out and “everyone in the chair in September” risks becoming the highlight of the spring-summer collection of slogans on recruitment as teachers that takes shape every year. Nor are miracles to be expected from the extraordinary competition: the failures are like the risk of leaving empty chairs (in addition to those foreseen).

Extraordinary competition: will some chairs remain empty?

We start from the extraordinary competition and the first results arrive which in some cases include “surprises”. As in Sicily where there have been several teachers who have not passed the test with therefore the possibility of not being able to cover the required professorships.

During the health emergency, it must be remembered, a certain number of candidates did not feel like moving from one province to another or from a region to take the written tests.

To understand the situation, as La Repubblica explains, in three classes of competition, more than a third of the eight completed, the admitted to the writings are less than the places in the competition or the same number. In the selection to become a teacher of Motor Sciences at high school, for example, 29 were able to pass the stumbling block of the writings, the only test foreseen. The places available are 35 and the candidates for departure, who had sent the application form , there were 61. In other words, 6 professorships will not be assigned. Again: for practical technical teacher of cooking laboratory in hotel institutes: 13 admitted for 29 places available, with 67 applications presented. Also in this case, it will not be possible to assign a good number of places: even 16.

It is clear that the opposite problem also arises, namely that the suitable candidates are higher than the places announced. It happens for the competition for mechanical sciences and technologies, a discipline that is taught at the industrial institute: 31 suitable for writings for 20 places. Or as in the competition class to teach violin, with 4 admitted who will compete for only one chair. So far, and we are only at the beginning, 22 places plus the 3 places in Mechanical Science and Technology with 15 candidates for 18 chairs cannot be assigned.

Lega-M5S clash on school competitions

Therefore, the specter of a new boom of empty chairs to be assigned once again as a substitute remains more than alive, also because, for now, the political clash on school competitions does not find a solution.

School competitions, it’s M5S against Lega. Floridia: “I will fight for merit to prevail”. Pittoni: “No to temporary teachers for life”

To carry out the solution of the competition for titles and services is the League, which can count on the support of Come on Italy e Brothers of Italy and a part of the Democratic party (to tell the truth there is currently no official position on the part of the dem).

The starting point is the bill presented by the Northern League senator Mario Pittoni “Simplification of training and recruitment of teachers” from which we should proceed for the stabilization of precarious teachers. The senator has in mind a competition for qualifications and services in which teachers with at least three years of service can participate, even without qualification, the latter qualification that the candidate must acquire during the training year, under penalty of exclusion from the procedure.

That of the competition for qualifications and services is a procedure “baptized” also by the trade unions that see in this formula the stabilization of temporary workers, useful for reducing the quota of alternates next school year.

The one who pushes for ordinary competitions is the Five Stars movement, headed by the undersecretary Barbara Floridia to lead the “fight for merit” that only an ordinary procedure could guarantee: “You could consider implementing the overtime posts already in progress, structured just for the precarious. And ordinary places could also be implemented, perhaps immediately following up on the competitions already announced, making it start immediately with simplified but meritocratic procedures “, he told Orizzonte Scuola.

The reference is also to the innovations contained in the decree 44/2021 on public competitions, even if it is not yet completely clear if and how school competitions could be entered, despite the clarifications of Minister Brunetta.


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