Camper, the big houses at the Dusseldorf 2021 show: here are the news

Camper, the big houses at the Dusseldorf 2021 show: here are the news
Camper, the big houses at the Dusseldorf 2021 show: here are the news

The most interesting creations exhibited in Germany based on Renault, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Fiat

You risk getting bored by repeating that the last two years marked a sensational relaunch of the camper, of all sizes and of all types. From the Dusseldorf show, with over 600 exhibitors in thirteen halls, an interesting aspect emerges: specialized operators but even more car manufacturers are convinced that once the Covid-19 emergency and the inevitable desire for freedom have passed, the sector will not return as before but there will be interesting room for maneuver. Hence a lot of concreteness in the novelties but also imagination in power, starting from Trafic SpaceNomad. A practical and functional camper-van destined to enter the list of Renault at the beginning of 2022. Prepared by Pilote, a French company specialized in the sector, Trafic SpaceNomad is available in two lengths with four or five-seater homologation. Thanks to the lifting roof, it also has two large beds, but also a shower and a well-equipped kitchenette. To complete the stand in Dusseldorf of the transalpine house – which in August showed the provocative Hippie Caviar Hotel, in the name of zero-emission luxury, perfect for glamping (contraction of glamor and camping) – SpaceClass Escapade and Master Camping-Car were seen.


The Blue Oval house presented two new variants of the series Transit Custom Nugget. These are the Active versions, in the style of the homonymous variant made for car models, and the Trail, equipped as standard with a mechanical limited slip differential. Either way, they show a more sophisticated look, with improved interior features and finishes and superior off-road capability. The house plans to offer these two variants for both the short-wheelbase Nugget model and the Nugget Plus long stride. The two new versions of the Ford van are fitted with a 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel. The Active model can be chosen with a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed automatic, with an optional mechanical self-locking differential in combination with the manual transmission, while the Trail is offered as standard with the six-speed manual gearbox. They will be available for order in a couple of months, although Ford has not announced prices for now.


Mercedes-Benz has transformed the Quote 2022 in a micro camper, basing it on the passenger version Tourer. The rear kitchen module includes an integrated gas stove, a sing system with a 13-liter water tank, a 31-liter refrigerator and various spaces for storing cutlery, pots, pans, dishes and provisions. The module supplied by VanEssa weighs about 60 kg and can be installed or removed in a few minutes. In this way, the Citan can be used both as a camper and as a passenger vehicle in just a few moments. In addition, several color options are offered for customization. We will see it in 2022. Four further innovations have been made on the basis of the Sprinter: the recent and award-winning Red Dot by Alphavan – exhibited for the first time as an all-wheel drive Edition 4×4 – the semi-integrated Royal by Kabe and Contura by Eura Mobil. and again the new integrated Héritage by Le Voyageur.


Waiting for the ID Buzz, the fully electric version of the historic Bulli, to arrive on the market in 2022, Volkswagen has as its strong point the Grand California, based on Crafter and therefore longer, wider and taller than the iconic California. The greater space available on board was used to equip the vehicle with a bathroom, a larger bed in the rear of the vehicle, a full kitchen and a bright, elegant and above all high living area. The Grand California is available with two wheelbase variants and as many roof types and, on request, with 4Motion all-wheel drive instead of front-wheel drive. Curiosity: the cockpit of the new Grand California was conceived as a sailing yacht on wheels, with a modern and refined design. Both versions of the feature the 177 hp four-cylinder turbodiesel combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission.


The latest generation of Fiat could only be the protagonist Duchy, a model that boasts 40 years of activity in the field of camping and leisure vehicles, and which has won prestigious awards as the 2020 European ‘Best Seller’ of light commercial vehicles and ‘Best Base for Motorhomes’ for thirteen consecutive years. We loved the highly evocative and theme-oriented stand From past to the future: Ducato always leader with a line of communication that reflects the path followed so far. The past element was represented in the setting by the backdrops that reproduced the characteristic reticulated vaults of the famous Turin Esposizioni building at Valentino, where in the 1970s Caravan Europa was also held, one of the first trade fairs of the time in which the Ducato debuted. in camper version. The future element was instead represented by the New Ducato and its important technological innovations. Exhibited in two specimens, visitors were able to deepen the study in detail also through the virtual show room which, starting from the physical and local dimension (Torino Esposizioni), reached the digital and global one, usable by users located anywhere in the world. . Nice idea.

September 10 – 12:27



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