Covid, in Denmark stop all restrictions

September 10, 2021 9:44 pm

Thanks to the success of the vaccination campaign, the country has decided to remove the remaining restrictions

Success of the vaccination campaign – The measure comes following the success of the vaccination campaign. Over 80% of Danes over the age of 12 have been fully vaccinated. Daily infections have dropped: they remain around hundreds, concentrated among the youngest, but not a minor form. This is also expressed by the words of Soeren Riis Paludan, professor of virology at the Danish University of Aarhus, who denies the precocity of the decision: “I would not say it is too early. We have opened the door, but we can close it if necessary”.

The abolition of restrictions – From 14 August the mask was no longer mandatory on public transport while the obligation to wear it at the airport is still in force and is simply recommended by the doctor in hospitals and Covid monitoring centers. While from 1 September the night clubs have been reopened, the limits on public assemblies have been removed and it is no longer mandatory to show the green pass to sit in restaurants or go to the stadium, spas or hairdresser. Still strongly recommended, the safe distance.

Therefore, Copenhagen believes that Covid is no longer a socially critical disease. On the same course of action, also Sweden which announced the abolition of most of the restrictions by 29 September.


Covid Denmark stop restrictions

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