State green passes, salary suspended for those who refuse

State green passes, salary suspended for those who refuse
State green passes, salary suspended for those who refuse

“These are the first steps then, next week, we will proceed to a larger extension of the Green pass». Mario Draghi, in the Council of Ministers, he left no room for doubt. The premier made it clear to the Northern League delegation that despite the tantrums and tears of Matteo Salvini, the government does not stop. And no minister of the Carroccio has spoken, neither Giancarlo Giorgetti, nor Erika Stefani. Massimo Garavaglia was absent.
Sure, Draghi slowed down. He decided to proceed “gradually”, step by step, so as not to put the leader of the League in excessive difficulty and to allow him to metabolize the further extensions of the green pass.

But in the words of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, “he has not ceded anything to the League, because the country’s interest in fighting the virus prevails.” So the premier’s line remains the one stated a few days ago: “It is not a question of deciding whether, but to whom and when to extend the Green pass.” And the next week it will be the turn of the public service.

Green Pass, Lusetti (Legacoop): it is necessary to extend the obligation to all workplaces


Draghi’s goal: to reach 90% of vaccinated people by the middle or end of October, in order to guarantee herd immunity and avoid the introduction of compulsory vaccination. “So we need as broad an extension as possible of the green pass,” says a government source, “to push vaccine dodgers to immunize. There are still over 3 million over 50s still without even a dose and this is not acceptable: they are the most vulnerable, those who end up in intensive care and flood the health system ».
The “first steps” taken yesterday by the government are aimed at “securing schools” on the eve of the school restart. After having imposed the Green pass on school staff on 6 August, the obligation of the green pass has now been extended to employees of companies and co-ops that provide canteen, cleaning and security services to schools and universities. And also to the parents of the pupils, on the occasion of the interviews with the professors.

In addition, the vaccination obligation for all staff (including external ones) working in residences for the elderly was introduced from 10 October. “The RSA have already paid a very high price in terms of deaths”, explained Speranza in the CDM, “therefore those who work there must be placed on the same level as doctors and nurses”.
Those who evade the obligation will be suspended from work and will not receive any salary. Only “subjects exempt from the vaccination campaign”, the law states, “on the basis of suitable medical certification” are excluded. Sanctions have also been established for personnel who “work in schools, universities and the RSA who will be found following checks without the Green pass”: from 400 to one thousand euros in fines. The sanction will be applied both to workers who do not have the certification, and to school managers and employers “who are entrusted with the controls”.

Next week, as we said, it will be up to the public service. The minister of the PA, Renato Brunetta, has been working on the provision for some time and the text, filtered by government sources, “is almost ready”. “It is only a question of deciding in detail the control system”, which should be the responsibility of the head of the office. Salvini asks that the obligation of the green pass be limited to staff in contact with the public, but it is considered “certain” that the measure will concern “the entire public sector sector”. In short, all public employees. Without exception, except for those who for health reasons cannot get vaccinated. The sanction will be the same as that adopted for professors: after 5 days the suspension from the salary will take effect.

Also next week, barring surprises, the obligation will also be introduced for the staff of those sectors where the Green pass is already necessary for customers and users: indoor bars and restaurants, cinemas and theaters, gyms and swimming pools, airplanes, ships, long-distance buses and trains, stadiums and congresses, game rooms and theme parks, etc. The Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, asked Draghi in a letter to authorize an increase in capacity “in cinemas, theaters, concert halls and live shows”, currently set at 50%.


Trade unions and companies are pushing for the Green pass to be made mandatory also in the factory, in the office, in the company. But private work, based on the principle of “graduality”, will be regulated in the week from 20 to 25 September or the following one. The sanctions will be established in agreement with the social partners, while the dispute over who should pay tampons to unvaccinated employees remains open. The trade unions demand that it be the companies, the employers be the state. But Draghi has no intention of doing so.


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