Lupo murder in Favara, 50 seconds to kill a man

Lupo murder in Favara, 50 seconds to kill a man
Lupo murder in Favara, 50 seconds to kill a man

PALERMO – The gunpowder in the car, the frames of a camera, the motive and the cash for the escape. These are the elements that led to the arrest of Giuseppe Barba, 66, accused by the Prosecutor of Agrigento of having murdered Salvatore Lupo, his ex-son-in-law, entrepreneur and former president of the municipal council of the town in the province, in a bar in Favara. of Agrigento.

It was the afternoon of August 15, three .38 caliber pistol shots hit Lupo in the head, cheek and shoulder. Fifty seconds of horror: the killer’s action lasted so long. The motive for the murder, which is contested with the aggravating circumstance of futile reasons, would be linked to economic issues.

The bartender

Inside the America Bar in via IV novembre there were only the victim and the bartender. He says: “As soon as he entered he asked me to prepare two tubs of ice cream for him. I bent over to the counter to fill the trays while Wolf was in front of the window. After having finished the first tray and while I was finishing and filling the second one, I heard some strange noises but I did not immediately connect them with gunshots. I raised my head and realized that Wolf was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. I heard some taps but I did not reconnect immediately to have their own gunshots ”. He was bent down, therefore, and did not see the killer.


To confirm the rumor of family disagreements for economic issues, which had been circulating for some time in the village, was the son of the victim who, after the separation of his parents, had decided to live with his father. He spoke of “real estate matters, all my father’s assets were in my mother’s name, but after the separation she didn’t want to acknowledge it. Even my father wanted my mother to be interested in everything about me, my sister and she didn’t want anything for herself but she didn’t want to know. My father, on the other hand, has always behaved well with her and even proposed to remain friends. My grandfather, on the other hand, has always been envious of my father and it also happened that he insulted and threatened him ”.

The previous quarrel

Some time before the crime, the tension had skyrocketed. Father-in-law and son-in-law had come to blows. The victim’s son again told how the facts would go: “In front of the American bar my father approached him because he had to ask him for explanations about a document he had just withdrawn from the lawyer. I specify that my father had approached him peacefully. My grandfather, however, immediately put himself in a surly way to the point that he raised his hands on my father “. He would have shouted: “… you’re finished now I’ll show you” in front of several witnesses. We were together, we laughed peacefully my father had no problems with anyone he had no debt with anyone he had problems only with my grandfather Giuseppe ”.

The victim’s brother also referred to the problems with the ex-father-in-law: “… he is the mind that instigates the daughter”.

They are testimonies that are added to already known facts and that had resulted in a complaint against Lupo for mistreatment in the family, even if Lupo has always claimed to be the victim. After the complaint, the gun he legally held had been removed.


The carabinieri set out on the hunt for images. The cafe’s camera wasn’t active, but a nearby street camera was. And he filmed the passing of the victim’s car (a Porsche Macan) and the alleged murderer (a Fiat Panda) and the stop in front of the bar. The Panda restarted after being parked for 50 seconds. That’s the 50 seconds Wolf was killed.


There was also another car parked in via IV Novembre, but in Barba’s Panda alone 25 particles of gunpowder were found on the seat and on the gear lever “uniquely derived from the explosion of gunfire”. In Barba’s house, twenty thousand euros in cash were found in a safe. Money which, according to the indictment, he needed to escape abroad. He feared arrest, but also revenge.

The inspections

There are two final pieces. A week before and three days before the crime Barba was seen near the American bar in the company of Antonio Maria Bosco, convicted of mafia and accused of having favored the inaction of Francesco Barba, uncle of the current suspect and also he with a precedent for mafia.

Based on these elements, the Agrigento prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio and the substitutes Paola Vetro and Chiara Bisso stopped Barba. The provision of the now passes under the evaluation of the judge for preliminary investigations.

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