infections in decline in the last week. Vaccination campaign towards the end

infections in decline in the last week. Vaccination campaign towards the end
infections in decline in the last week. Vaccination campaign towards the end

Positive data comes from Ats Insubria report on the progress of the pandemic (see the data:9 set. 21 – slide). In the last week, all parameters have dropped in the face of an increase in tampons.


Between 2 and 8 September they were carried out in the province of Varese 19,872 tests and the new positives were 304, one hundred less than the previous week. The incidence every 100,000 inhabitants is decreasing from 45.26 to the current one 34,06. Currently, in the Varese area there are 586 positive people at Sars-CoV2 against 891 seven days ago. The percentage of positivity of the swabs performed is also decreasing, passing from 4.9% to 2.7%. All the districts of the territory show incidence rates well below the minimum threshold of 50 cases with the sole exception of Busto-Castellanza which from the beginning of September presents numbers ranging between 59 and 66 cases every 100,000 inhabitants.


The only worrying data remains that of the age of the new infected: in fact, the share of over 50s is increasing up to 64 years, while the involvement of 70-year-olds and 80-year-olds remains low. Contagions between young and very young people are stable.

The concern is related above all the evolution of the disease which becomes critical among those who have not been vaccinated: if the incidence of positivity is 6.06 per 1000 inhabitants among those who refuse the vaccine or have received only one dose, the same incidence goes down 1.08 for those who have completed the vaccination cycle.

Reading the data on the evolution of the disease, it is clear that the proportion of hospitalized, although almost identical between vaccinated and non-vaccinated (the former are 1.19% of cases while the latter 1.46%), is very different if you see the personal data: the average number of people admitted to hospital is 53 years old among the unvaccinated (or with a single dose) e 83.5 years among those who are fully vaccinated.


It is good, however, to remember that the vaccine does not make you immune from contagion, lowers the odds but it certainly makes the evolution of the disease less serious. In particular, among the unvaccinated, the share of asymptomatic is 41.58%, those with mild symptoms are 14.74% while they have moderate repercussions in 42.23% of cases and the hospitalized are 1.14%. Among those who have completed the vaccination cycle, 53.23% of positives are asymptomatic, 7.13 have mild symptoms while 38.46% have respiratory syndromes (given that it should be read by connecting it to old age).


The results, therefore, highlight the value of a vaccination campaign now running out but which has achieved satisfactory results. As evidenced by the responsible for Ats, Dr. Esterina Poncato, the percentage of vaccinated (with one or both doses) reached 83.2% with very good rates among the over 65s (87%), good between over 50 with 83% covered, while three out of 4 people in the range between 25 and 49 years old underwent a vaccine. They do better the proportion of young people aged 18-24 that presented itself in 79% of cases and minors who are 66%.


From the beginning of the week, all vaccination hubs are open and with free access for over 60s, minors, pregnant women and school and health personnel. Every day, Ats records satisfactory numbers of self-introductions among the youngest between 230 and 260 every day.
The next 1 and 2 October the Areu vaccine camper will be back in circulation that will be a Luino, in the afternoon of October 1st, ea Lavena Ponte Tresa where it will stop from morning until 16 to meet a population that, according to the numbers, has joined with lower percentages than the provincial average. The Usca doctors will work while the Army will not be there and will end its support activity on 25 September.

With Sunday 12 September, the massive campaign closes formally but the hubs will remain open to continue with the free access offer, second doses and new appointment slots for those who still want to join the campaign and were unable to before or for health reasons (recovery from Covid) or other reasons. The campaign will continue until the end of October even if the organizational details may include some changes or reductions of available locations: it will be an evaluation based on the demand and the workloads of the hospitals called to recover the surgical and outpatient activity that has been suspended or slowed down in recent months. Malpensafiere will reduce its capacity by limiting it to ten lines.


Certainly, the centers run by general practitioners will remain open because they will be the reference ofpossible campaign for third doses (details of which should be known in the next few days) and also of the flu that will start between late October and early November. Pharmacies will also be involved in the new phase of the campaign and, once the experimental phase is over, they will compete more heavily and using the Moderna vaccine.

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