Bardolino murder, how did Chiara Ugolini die? The hypotheses after the autopsy – Chronicle

Bardolino murder, how did Chiara Ugolini die? The hypotheses after the autopsy – Chronicle
Bardolino murder, how did Chiara Ugolini die? The hypotheses after the autopsy – Chronicle

It’s been four days since death of Chiara Ugolini, 27 years old killed in the apartment of Calmasino di Bardolino where she lived with her boyfriend, and there are still many unanswered questions. How did Chiara die? Why was she killed? At least the causes of death should have been clarified by the autopsy, which in these cases can help a lot at least to define the contours of such a tragic event. On the other hand, in the autopsy examination that lasted four hours yesterday, the elements that emerged were so many and different that they did not allow to determine exactly the causes of the girl’s death. For the murder it was arrested, while he was escaping to Tuscany, the neighbor Emanuele Impellizzeri.

The bleach

The decisive element to “confuse” is the rag used by the killer to keep Chiara Ugolini from screaming. The rag was soaked in bleach and perhaps this may have been the cause of death. However, due to the devastating impact that this liquid has on the human body, it is difficult to understand whether the damage to internal organs may have been caused before or after the girl’s death.


Chiara wanted to live. He wanted it desperately. She wanted him so badly that she rebelled against her attacker. From the autopsy there are various internal traumas, to the nape, abdomen, chest: a sign that the 27-year-old tried to defend herself from those who had hunted her at that moment. Chiara Ugolini tried to remain attached to life in every way. That life that the killer took from her.

The window

According to the elements that emerged from a more detailed analysis of the crime scene by the investigators, it seems now established that the attacker would have entered Chiara’s apartment through a window and not climbing from her balcony. Basically the killer would have passed through one of the service windows of the condominium staircase, then “landing” on the balcony of the girl’s apartment.

The hypothesis

What could have happened to Chiara? Many ask themselves: the girl’s family, the boyfriend who left her one moving memory on social networks, friends. Investigators and investigators who are trying to shed light on the case have been asking this continuously for four days. On 5 September Chiara Ugolini was found lifeless in her apartment. But what happened before? Investigators are analyzing every inch of the crime scene. Basically there may be two main hypotheses: crime with a sexual background or murder for revenge. It is more difficult to assume that it was an attempted theft in the apartment which then degenerated. The reason is obvious: the thief would have been surprised by the presence of the young woman in the house and the instinct he would have had would have been to flee or to throw some object at her and then flee. Incompatible, therefore, this behavior with the detail of the cloth soaked in bleach since he should have approached Chiara. Which thief, having seen himself discovered, would approach the owner of the house instead of running away? Sexual assault hypothesis: possible, but with some distinctions. From a criminological point of view, even this track would be incompatible precisely with the use of the cloth soaked in bleach. The sexual predator is the one who has a goal and wants to achieve it. Why not get what the assailant at that moment wanted and kill that poor girl? Why bother to find a rag and even put some bleach in it? This is such a heinous detail that it cannot be associated with a rush crime. For this reason, the most criminologically probable hypothesis, to date, seems to be that of an assault for revenge. Chiara Ugolini a few days before her death had interfered in a quarrel between Emanuele Impellizzeri and his partner and this had bothered the man a lot. Possible, therefore, that he had decided to make her pay. Hence the need to reach a “hand-to-hand” with her and femicide.

In shock

“My client made use of the right not to answer not because he wants to evade his responsibilities, but because he is still in shock for what happened. Impellizzeri is still upset but in the next few days he will speak with the judge, he is willing to collaborate “explained Mattia Guidato, Emanuele Impellizzeri’s defense lawyer. The man, neighbor of Chiara Ugolini, is accused of killing her. given the possible dynamics of the fact, with its entrance from a window of the staircase leading to the balcony which therefore gives the idea of ​​premeditation at least of an attack, it particularly clashes with that “under shock”. relatives, friends, acquaintances of Chiara Ugolini, who have lost this girl’s smile forever and do not yet know why.

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