Supplements from MAD ATA, when called and required admission tickets

Supplements from MAD ATA, when called and required admission tickets
Supplements from MAD ATA, when called and required admission tickets

ATA substitutes: when called by MAD, request for availability? A recurring question among ATA aspirants. During the live broadcast dedicated to the ATA substitutes of Orizzonte Scuola Tv, replies Pasquale Raimondo, Uil Scuola trade unionist.

The MAD are used only if the rankings are exhausted. The aspirant can be called only if the ATA 24 months, second tier and third tier rankings are exhausted for that profile or profiles for which the ATA 24 month rankings have been applied for.

We remember i access titles

Administrative Assistant: High School Diploma;

Technical Assistant: High school diploma corresponding to the specific professional area;

Cook: Professional qualification diploma as Operator of catering services, kitchen sector;

Nurse: Degree in nursing sciences or other qualification considered valid by current legislation for the exercise of the profession of nurse;

Guardarobiere: Professional qualification diploma of Fashion Operator;

Agricultural worker: Diploma of professional qualification of agritourism operator or agro-industrial operator or agro-environmental operator;

Scholastic Collaborator: three-year qualification diploma issued by a professional institute, art master’s degree, secondary school diploma for infants, any high school diploma, certificates and / or professional qualification diplomas, both lasting three years, issued or recognized by the Regions.

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Supplements MAD ATA called required admission tickets

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