The caravan parked on the Milan cycle path

The caravan parked on the Milan cycle path
The caravan parked on the Milan cycle path

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09 September 2021 13:12


A caravan parked in the middle of the cycle path. It happens in via Caduti di Marcinelle in Milan (Lambrate area), along one of the last tracks created for bikes by the municipal administration.

“Now we have seen them all!”, Commented the regional councilor for safety, Riccardo De Corato, who spread the photograph. “Camper vans, cars, mini vans and caravans camped out on the bicycle track and garbage on the sidewalks. Who knows if the clothes are hung on a wire pulled between one light pole and the other, always on the sidewalk, or if instead on drying racks positioned on the track-pitch – continues the member of Fratelli d’Italia -. This reality is not only dangerous for cyclists and those who use a scooter, but also for pedestrians and, consequently, for other road users “.

De Corato, who also sits in the ranks of the minority in the city council, asked Palazzo Marino for the intervention of the local police.


caravan parked Milan cycle path

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