the 4-day scheme that will revolutionize your life

the 4-day scheme that will revolutionize your life
the 4-day scheme that will revolutionize your life

September has arrived and the time has come to get back to normal. Agendas start to fill up again with business, family and social appointments. However, we must not forget to put our psychophysical well-being on the agenda. The holidays have left us wonderful memories, shared (or not) on social media, but also maybe a few extra pounds. The summer has the habit (every year) of pushing us to dinners and aperitifs to which we cannot say no. But now September has arrived and we need to change our habits, including food. Now is the time to play the All In … on ourselves. Also because as Mark Twain said: “Diet is the only game where you win when you lose“. So start your game now by putting ambitious but achievable goals on the table. Today we offer a very reckless diet, suitable only for those who really have to upset their life. -25 kg in 90 days. It’s all true and it’s all possible, the Rina Diet promises. The diet we propose is of the dissociated type very popular in Russia, and was conceived by Breda Hrobat, Mojca Poljansek and Dr. Celanche. Losing up to 25 kg in 3 months thanks to their advice is possible.

The Rina Diet, the diet that distorts life

Of course, the effort will be considerable, both to reach the goal and maintain a healthy weight for a long time, and to avoid causing damage to health. To lose 20 kilos, in fact, it is necessary to start over by completely reorganizing one’s diet, establishing several changes that not only concern the table but also the lifestyle in general. Being a diet that allows you to lose many kilos, the important advice is not to act independently but to rely on the prescriptions of the average or rather of an expert nutritionist, who will be able to evaluate individual health conditions and plan a healthy and balanced diet, taking into account of individual cases.

The rules

The first rule to follow to lose weight optimally and maintain a healthy weight, keeping away the risk of regaining the pounds lost in a short time, is not to be in a hurry. The yo-yo effect is always around the corner. Losing weight too quickly is in fact unhealthy and risks slowing down the metabolism even more (which we try to accelerate with every diet), just as it is not useful to skip meals. Even during the diet, the number of meals must not be less than five within 24 hours, assuming about 15% of the calories for breakfast, 40% for lunch and 35% for dinner, leaving some space also for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Equally important is to try to integrate all the nutrients (none excluded), following simple guidelines: prefer whole carbohydrates to refined ones, to assimilate more fiber and feel full for longer (go ahead, with precise doses, to brown rice, to wholemeal pasta, spelled and alternative cereals such as quinoa, bulgur); consume every day dishes based on noble proteins of high biological value, contained in meat, fish, eggs, also integrating vegetable ones from legumes; reduce the consumption of fats, especially if they come from condiments, responsible not only for weight gain but also for the level of cholesterol in the blood, preferring vegetable fats such as extra virgin olive oil; limit the seasonings and replace them with spices and aromatic herbs, excellent low-calorie flavorings; drink enough water, to promote optimal hydration and to facilitate digestion and intestinal regularity; practice physical activity regularly, not only to preserve muscle mass but also to activate metabolism and digestive processes; pay attention to the labels of packaged foods, which often contain added sugar and excess salt.

How was the Rina Diet born?

Now let’s get to the heart of this diet that will completely upset your life. The Rina Diet is a rather popular diet, of the dissociated type, which allows you to lose 25 kg in 3 months, following a very simple plan of only 4 days in rotation. After the first four days, in short, it starts again from day 1. Conceived in 2000, it was developed by a sports doctor, Dr. Stefan Celan, who prepared a special dossier with the principles of the dissociated diet for the readers of the newspaper Rina. . Similar to the famous Plank diet, the Rina diet is however more balanced.

Social popularity

Also very popular on the web, so much so that there are challenges based on this diet: people try to do it and record their results on youtube or instagram. The Rina diet was developed as a simple regimen to lose 25 kg in 90 days, but those who need to lose more weight can try it again with changes. Let’s see the scheme of the diet and maintenance, and what to do if after 90 days you want to lose more weight.

The scheme

The four days alternate like this. Protein day, fiber day, carbohydrate day, fruit day. The twenty-ninth day is called a purification day or water day. The rules are simple: you eat from the morning until eight / nine in the evening. After this time you don’t eat anything until the next morning, but you can drink sweetened herbal teas with zero calories. It is not a low carb regimen, so carbohydrates are also present in the so-called protein day, in the form of fruits and vegetables. And it is a diet that has no risks or contraindications, but makes you lose weight because it improves digestion and is set on a very simple and natural diet, with one day of whims (the third).

4-day scheme to lose 20 kg in 3 months

Day 1 – Protein

Breakfast: a large banana or two small pears or two small peaches or two cooked apples, coffee or tea of ​​your choice with no added sugar. You can sprinkle fruit with cinnamon, especially if we eat it cooked. The total must be 150-200 grams of fruit. Lunch: a portion of maximum 150 grams of meat including veal, chicken or turkey, or up to 2 hard-boiled eggs or 200 grams of skimmed cheese such as low-fat quark or low-fat cottage cheese or a pound of cooked ham or bresaola. Mixed green salad (only green) at will dressed with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, but without oil. As an alternative to meat, white fish such as cod, hake, sea bass, pollock (always around 150-200 gr). A serving of soup without potatoes or legumes may be included, or a cup of vegetable or meat broth, as long as it is small and does not contain oil. price: at dinner you eat half the portion of the lunch proteins (therefore 75-100 g of meat or fish, 100 g of cottage cheese), plus salad and soup.

Day 2 – Fiber Day

Breakfast: same as day 1. Lunch: 80 grams of white or brown rice and 100 grams of legumes such as fresh peas or other weighted legumes from boiled and a portion of grilled vegetables (courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines). In place of rice, whole grains such as spelled or oats or false grains such as quinoa are allowed. price: rice must be halved to 40 grams, same thing for legumes, while vegetables can be free. On this day we recommend a one hour walk between lunch and dinner.

Day 3 – Carbohydrate Day

Breakfast: as in day 1. Lunch: a marinara pizza or other type of pizza with vegetables only, but without mozzarella, cheese, salami or other animal proteins. Alternatively a plate of pasta (free portion but without exaggerating) with pesto or simple sauce. price: a fruit and cream ice cream or a slice of cake (it’s all true, you’re reading the right one) like heaven or donut. Alternative: baked potatoes with a little oil and flavorings. On this day we recommend a one hour walk between lunch and dinner.

Day 4 – Vitamin

Breakfast: as in day 1. Snack: 10 almonds. Lunch: a mixed green salad with free addition of cucumbers or tomatoes or peppers, with a teaspoon or two of oil and oil seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin), and vegetables of your choice, plus a handful of walnuts (5) or almonds ( 10-12). Snack: 10 almonds or three pieces of dehydrated fruit such as prunes or apricots. price: fruit salad of 200 grams of fruit plus 2 nuts, or salad with fruit (for example apple or pear and walnuts plus rocket or lettuce), without oil in the case of the salad and without sugar in the case of the fruit salad. On this day we recommend a one hour walk between lunch and dinner.

A cyclical diet with one day off

The four-day meal plan indicated above must be repeated cyclically. So after consuming the vitamin day, it will return to the protein day, and so on for ninety days. On the stroke of the 29th day, Water Day arrives, and it must be done between the fourth and the new first day, three times in all in the 90 days. On this day, minestrone without oil, legumes or potatoes are allowed for lunch and dinner, centrifuged vegetables and fruit, tea and herbal teas.


After the first 90 days, a 90 day break from the diet is required. To then resume. Even during the stop it is necessary to continue with a dissociated diet. Basically, the maintenance includes breakfast with fruit or Greek yogurt, lunch with pasta or cereals with simple sauce and salad, dinner with proteins of your choice between meat, fish, eggs or legume products such as tofu and vegetables. At meal you can use a teaspoon of oil. You can have a free meal once a week, and indulge in snacks based on dried fruit, extra dark chocolate, olives.

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