Covid Bulletin today: Coronavirus infections of 9 September. Italy data and live regions

Covid Bulletin today: Coronavirus infections of 9 September. Italy data and live regions
Covid Bulletin today: Coronavirus infections of 9 September. Italy data and live regions

Rome, 9 September 2021 – Today’s figures Covid bulletin edited by Ministry of Health report a slight decrease in the number of newly infected, always higher than 5,000 units, while i deaths drop below 60. The rate of positivity today is 1.9%, – 0.1% compared to yesterday, and both are slightly down terapie intensive both hospitalizations. Meanwhile, good news comes from the weekly monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation: new cases fall, for the first time in 3 months and slows the increase in hospital pressure. It also improves the situation of Italy in the Ecdc map: Lazio returns to yellow and only 6 red regions remain.

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In the meantime, after the green light of the technical-scientific committee of Aifa, and today the ok also of the technical-scientific commission (Cts), the third dose: we should start in September with i frail patients (Aifa: recall at least after 28 days from the second dose for immunosuppressed and transplant recipients) (here the pathologies that enter the concept of ‘fragility’) and then proceed with over 80, guests of Rsa e health workers (at least six months after the second administration). Instead the AIFA Commission with regard to the reference to the general population looks forward to examining further data. The provision “does not include the general population pending EMA to evaluate the data provided by the manufacturers of the aforementioned vaccines”.

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The green certification is the real star of this day. The Chamber has approved the decree containing the rules of the Green Pass, which is now being examined by the Senate. At the same time, the Council of Ministers approved the decree providing for thegreen card extension to some categories, in particular: vaccination obligation for RSA workers and green pass obligation for employees of schools and universities. The premier Mario Draghi, on the subject, he had already announced “a wider intervention“.

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I new infections I’m 5.522, i dead I’m 59, i admissions -5 and the terapie intensive decrease by 6 units. Positivity rate at 1.9%. The region with the most cases today is still there Sicily, although declining for a few days, with 929 infections, followed by Lombardy (+663), Veneto (+530), Tuscany (+495) ed Emilia Romagna (+449). I total cases thus rise to 4,590,941. THE healed there are 7,122 (yesterday 8,058), for a total of 4,331,257 since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of people currently positive falls for the fifth day in a row, 1,663 fewer (yesterday -2,206), and they are 129,918 in all, of which 125,130 in home isolation. There are 4,230 people hospitalized with symptoms (yesterday 4,235), with a decrease of 5 people compared to yesterday while 558 are hospitalized in intensive care (-6 compared to yesterday), with 38 entries in the last 24 hours. 4,331,257 are cured (+7,122) and 129,918 are currently positive (-1,663).

I am 929 new cases of Covid registered today in Sicily, 12 dead and 1,744 patients discharged or recovered. On the island there are 27,189 positives, – 827 fewer than yesterday – and of these 809 are hospitalized in the ordinary regime, 117 in intensive care (with 7 new entries) and 26,263 are in home isolation.

I new cases of Coronavirus positivity in Lombardy I’m 663 compared to 51,315 tampons for a ratio of 1.2%. They register 2 new deaths. There are 58 people in intensive care; 3 more than yesterday. There are 395 patients currently hospitalized not in intensive care, 9 more than yesterday. In the provinces the new cases are divided as follows, Milan 222 of which 71 in Milan city, Bergamo 30; Brescia 84; Como 6; Cremona 24; Lecco 16; Lauds 15; Mantua 30; Monza and Brianza 57; Pavia 43; Sondrio 13; Varese 89.

It dates back to 530 new cases in 24 hours the Coronavirus infection curve in Veneto, with the total reaching 460,285 patients. This was revealed by the regional bulletin, which reports quattro deaths (11,713 since the beginning of the pandemic). The clinical situation is stable: 251 patients are hospitalized in a non-critical area (+7) and 57 (+4) patients in intensive care.

I am 449 new infections of Coronavirus in Emilia Romagna, while hospitalizations remain stable and others are registered three dead, all over 80. Among the provinces, Modena is in first place with 94 new cases, then Reggio Emilia, 71. Then Rimini (68) and Bologna (62); then Parma (40), Ravenna (27), Ferrara (25), Piacenza (20). Finally, Forlì (16), Cesena and the Imolese district (both with 13). The healed are 534 more, 88 fewer active cases (15,022), 97% in isolation at home. The number of patients admitted to intensive care has remained unchanged compared to yesterday (45); 402 those in the other Covid departments (-1).

I new cases Covid recorded in the last 24 hours in Tuscany I’m 495 on 18,198 tests, of which 9,043 molecular swabs and 9,155 rapid tests. New cases are 0.2% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 0.3% and reached 258,492 (93.8% of total cases). The rate of new positives is 2.72% (7.8% on first diagnoses). There are 6,377 subjects tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 7.8% were positive. The currently positive are today 9,967. The hospitalized are 448 (stable compared to yesterday), of which 58 in intensive care (2 more). They register 6 new deaths.

Stable data, with a slight decline, in Campania on the Covid front. They register 410 new positives out of a total of 17,029 swabs examined: the rate is 2.40% compared to 2.83 yesterday. In intensive care there are 21 people against 23 yesterday. There are 351 people in ordinary hospital wards compared to the previous 353. The deaths are 6 in the last 48 hours plus another three previously but recorded only yesterday.

” Today in Lazio out of 10,195 molecular swabs and 16,324 antigenic swabs for a total of 26,519 swabs, 310 new positive cases (-62), there are 94 fewer cases than on Thursday 2 September. I am 5 deaths (+3), 463 hospitalized (-3), 58 intensive care (-6) and 516 recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 1.1%. The cases in Rome city are at an altitude of 152. The pressure on the hospital network is stable “. This was announced in a note by the Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato.

In Calabriato date, the total number of swabs performed were 1,116,569 (+4,146). 80,101 people tested positive for Coronavirus, 296 are the new infections of the last 24 hours. Register also 5 deaths.

I am 234 new cases Covid of Piedmont with a share of 1.2% positive compared to the 20,336 diagnostic swabs processed (14,906 antigenic). Two deaths, none relative to today, the total since the beginning of the pandemic rises to 11,730 victims. There are 21 hospitalized in intensive care (-2 compared to yesterday), 181 (+5) in the other wards, 3,757 people in home isolation, 198 new healed.

Others 209 new cases in Walk. A total of 3,830 swabs were processed (including repeated tests on the same person and path cured): diagnostic pathway swabs screening 2,500, antigenic screening 1,438 (31 positive), swabs cured path 1,330. The positivity rate is 8.4%. There are no new victims compared to yesterday. The deaths since the beginning of the pandemic therefore remain at 3,054. There are three more hospitalizations in intensive care than yesterday (23), in semi-intensive there are 22 (+1 on yesterday), in non-intensive there are 36 (-3); in total there is one more hospitalization than yesterday, 81.

I am 178 the new cases register in Puglia on 14,233 daily tests performed with an incidence of 1.2%, slightly down compared to yesterday. There were no casualties. Currently positive people are 3,854, 205 hospitalized in non-critical area and 25 patients hospitalized in intensive care, one less than yesterday.

I am 165 the new positives at Covid-19 today in Liguria, compared to 3,123 molecular swabs carried out in the last 24 hours, to which another 3,863 rapid antigenic swabs are added. There are now 16 more patients in hospitals, for a total of 93, of which 8 are in intensive care.

In Sardinia register today 147 further cases of positivity at Covid, based on 3,035 people tested. A total of 7,323 tests were processed, including molecular and antigenic. The patients admitted to the intensive care units are 25 (3 less than yesterday), those in the medical area are 227 (1 more than yesterday). There are 5,444 cases of home isolation (292 fewer than yesterday). There are 3 dead.

I am 131 Covid cases register today in Abruzzo, results from the 6,317 tests performed (3,664 molecular swabs and 3,653 antigenic tests), with the total number of infections rising to 79,916 from the start of the emergency. The budget of deceased patients do not register new cases and remains steady at 2,534. 77 patients (-3 compared to yesterday) are hospitalized in the medical area; 6 (unchanged compared to yesterday) in intensive care, while the other 2,113 (+9 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation. The positivity rate of the day is 1.79%.

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia out of a total of 7,477 tests and swabs were found 118 new positivity at Covid 19, equal to 1.57%. On 3,270 molecular swabs 113 new infections were detected with a positive percentage of 3.46%. There are also 4,207 rapid antigenic tests performed from which 5 cases (0.12%) were detected. Today there are no deaths. There are 12 (stable) people admitted to intensive care and 47 (-4) are hospitalized in other departments.

In Umbria the number of Covid hospitalized patients dropped, 56, three less than Wednesday, six, stable data, in intensive care, while the currently positive ones rose slightly, now 1,521 (+13). On the last day they were recorded 111 new positives, 97 healed e a dead. 1,806 swabs and 3,763 antigen tests were analyzed, with a positivity rate of 1.99% (yesterday it was 1.17%).

No deaths and a new case in Valle d’Aosta, while the Basilicata records one death and 28 infections. In Molise 4 new cases, in South Tyrol 70 new positives and one victim, in Trentino zero deaths and 44 cases.

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