TIM Internet FWA: positive remodeling with unlimited Giga at no additional cost – MondoMobileWeb.it

TIM Internet FWA: positive remodeling with unlimited Giga at no additional cost – MondoMobileWeb.it
TIM Internet FWA: positive remodeling with unlimited Giga at no additional cost – MondoMobileWeb.it

TIM decided to apply from this month’s September 2021 a positive remodeling for existing customers who have activated the offer TIME Internet TIMES, with which the operator extends up to Unlimited Giga monthly data traffic that can be used at the maximum speed available with wireless connectivity.

The offer TIME Internet TIMES, now no longer on the market from 1 September 2020, offered data connection only for internet browsing, therefore without the possibility of making phone calls.

Already from January 29, 2021, as well as for other FWA offers, the operator had increased maximum achievable speed from existing customers with the TIM Internet FWA offer active, allowing to reach an internet connection speed up to 40 Mbps in download and up to 4 Mbps in upload.

The positive change of TIM Internet FWA

However, the data traffic bundle offered by TIM Internet FWA and usable at maximum speed, it had so far remained equal to 200 Giga per month, after which the navigation speed is reduced.

TIM, with the arrival of the month of September 2021, has now decided to also increase the monthly data traffic bundle to all customers with an active offer TIME Internet TIMES, leading it to Unlimited Giga at maximum speed (up to 40 Mbps) instead of 200 Giga.

The improvement variation the TIM Internet FWA offer will take place automatically and without additional costs starting from the current month without the need for a specific request from the customer.

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Communications to TIM customers involved

Starting from 6 September 2021 customers affected by the positive remodeling of TIM Internet FWA have begun to receive one communication via email. Here is the text of the message:

Dear Customer, to always better meet the needs of your customers, your TIM Internet FWA offer is enriched without additional costs: Internet traffic to surf from home at maximum speed up to 40 Mega, now equal to 200 Giga per month, becomes unlimited . Unless otherwise evidenced by TIM, data traffic not exceeding 930GB in the month is presumed to be used in good faith, beyond which the speed is reduced. The improvement change to your TIM INTERNET FWA offer will take place automatically from September 2021 without the need for a specific request from you. Good navigation from TIM and for more information contact Customer Service 187. We remind you that you are required to use the offer lawfully, in good faith and fairness, refraining from obtaining any advantages other than those connected to the normal use of the offer.

Also, according to verified sources, the operator will also enter a message in the invoice of September 2021 which warns of the aforementioned change in the amount of data traffic that can be used for TIM Internet FWA customers.

Personal usage limit of 930 Giga per month

Thus, customers with the FWA Internet offer can now also benefit from Unlimited gigabytes, as already happens in the current offers on the market in TIM’s FWA technology, ie TIM Super FWA and FWA Rechargeable.

As TIM reminds us in its communication, TIM Internet FWA customers who switch to unlimited Giga are also required to use the offer according to good faith and fairness and a use of data traffic is assumed not more than 930 Giga in the month, after which the browsing speed is reduced to 1 Mbps in both download and upload.

The operator reserves the right to to interrupt, totally or partially, the provision of the service used upon communication to the customer.

Finally, it should be noted that TIM’s wireless internet offers use a connection FWA in Mixed Fiber Radio technology, with Optic fiber up to the Radio Base Station (called BTS) and final section on LTE mobile network, consequently the connection from the BTS to the customer is made via TIM’s 4G or 4G + mobile network.

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