In Venice the last Italian film in competition, ‘Latin America’ – Culture & Entertainment

In Venice the last Italian film in competition, ‘Latin America’ – Culture & Entertainment
In Venice the last Italian film in competition, ‘Latin America’ – Culture & Entertainment

Fifth Italian film in competition in Venice 78. Arriva ‘America Latina’ the long-awaited film by the twins D’Innocenzo competing for the Palme d’Or, of lack of freedom and political persecutions to the point of leaving no trace in pre-Solidarity Poland Leave No Traces by Jan P. Matuszynski (in competition) on a real story that reminds us of the Cucchi case, cinematically powerful as Spotlight, in Human things by Yvan Attal on a rape trial in France at the time of the Metoo (Out of Competition).
In the Venice Film Festival which is about to end, with the ‘people of the festival’ already in full Totoleone trying to figure out who will win a competition on average very good, the games are not over yet. And not even the red carpet after the arrival of the summer couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, in the Cipriani training camp on Giudecca, expected tomorrow for the premiere of The Last Duel by Ridley Scott with Matt Damon, in which Affleck is among the protagonists in the role of Charles VI.
The movie of the day is America Latina: the twins Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo, in their third film after La terra dell’abbanzo and Favolacce. The two young talents, just 33 years old, passionate about cinema and out of the loop, so characters to be loved by fashion (and by Alessandro Michele of Gucci), make stories “remaining uncomfortable, first of all to ourselves”. Already struggling with a new project, “this time it’s a TV series, Dostojevski, but it has nothing to do with the writer, we are writing the scripts” (for Sky ed). Produced by Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment, Vision Distribution and Le Pacte, it will be released on November 25th with Vision. Little can be said about the story: Elio Germano is Massimo Sisti, owner of a dental practice in Latina, kind, polite, with a wife and two daughters, he lives for them, he is moved in the living room to see the beauty of his family. Then there is an underneath, a basement, something that must not leak out.
Based on a novel (“The human things”, bestseller in France with over 350,000 copies, published by La Nave di Teseo, written by Karine Tuil, now here at the Lido among other things) Les Choses Humaines by Yvan Attal all in the family ( the protagonist is his son Ben, in the cast his wife Charlotte Gainsbourg) goes straight to a very topical and provocative theme: the boundary between being consenting or not. The whole rape trial revolves around the affirmation: “there is not a single version of the facts, not a single truth but there are two different perceptions of reality”. A cinematically fascinating theme, the subtle border, much less when we leave the room. “


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