Athletics, High Jump – 2.34 by Tamberi in Zurich: he is the first Italian ever to win in the Diamond League

Athletics, High Jump – 2.34 by Tamberi in Zurich: he is the first Italian ever to win in the Diamond League
Athletics, High Jump – 2.34 by Tamberi in Zurich: he is the first Italian ever to win in the Diamond League

The fantastic Italian summer of athletics continues. After the 5 gold medals at the Olympics, we continue to win also in the other events. And what victories. Let’s start right from Gianmarco Tamberi who had won a fantastic gold in the high jump last August 1st, ex aequo with Mutaz Essa Barshim. Once he restarted after the Olympics, he lost a little bit of fuel until 2.30 at the meeting in Chorzow, which still earned him a good victory. But he wanted to improve, he wanted to raise the bar even more and make a great impression Diamond League. And so he did with the 2.34 to Zurigo: he is the first Italian ever to win the Diamante. Thus closes the season with a bang.

Without errors until 2.30, then it went to 2.34


Tamberi flies at 2.30 and wins, Tortu beats Desalu: he is 3rd in the 200

05/09/2021 A 16:46

Tamberi got off to a smooth start, completing the measures of 2.16, 2.20, 2.24, 2.27 and 2.30 on the first attempt. The others did not have the same precision, although the parterre was of quality given the names of the opponents: Donald Thomas (Bahamas), Django Lovett (Canada), Andriy Protsenko (Ukraine), Ilya Ivanyuk (Russia) and Maxim Nedasekau (Belarus). Only the “other” Olympic champion was missing Mutaz Essa Barshi. Protsenko and Ivanyuk, however, fight and reach him, Nedasekau tries directly with 2.32. Tamberi, however, is charged and, on the second attempt, completes the 2.32 which earned him the victory. Once the race is over, Tamberi tries again and after two attempts he manages to place a fantastic 2.34, 3 centimeters from the seasonal record (the one made at the Olympics). This is enough and Tamberi does not risk other measures, the party has already started. Another important victory, considering that no Italian had managed to win in the final act of the Diamond League.

Tamberi, hymn by Mameli sung at the top of one’s voice with gold around the neck

Will it be number 1 in the world in the ranking?

The appointment is now in 2022, with Tamberi who could also have stopped at the gold in Tokyo. He went on to do four more games, including this success in the Diamond League. It was worth it. Both because it will earn $ 30,000 for this success, and because this victory should have led him to the top of the world ranking with a number 1 that cannot be predicted on the eve of the season. World Athletics will soon complete its scoring and will formalize the final ranking. Next year the big goal will be the World Cup.

All attempts:

2.16 on the first try

2.20 on the first attempt

2.24 on the first attempt

2.27 on the first try

2.30 on the first attempt

2,32 none

2.32 on the second attempt

2,34 none

2.34 on the second attempt


Tokyo 2020

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Tokyo 2020

Tamberi historical gold! 2.37 and ex aequo victory with Barshim

01/08/2021 A 12:43

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